Delivery Culture

Have you ever wanted to get a night snack? But too lazy to cook or go out? Or have you ever ordered food from fast food restaurants like McDonald’s and they delivered it right to your house?!

Delivery culture is unique to Korea that cannot be found in Canada. Many foreigners who come to Korea are fascinated by this service. You can pretty much order anything through your phone and within time, they have it delivered right to your door – groceries, prepared food, etc. Through scooters or motorcycles, the delivery people can zip through busy streets to deliver whatever you have ordered. In Canada, pizza delivery is common. Japan they deliver sushi, ramen, udon, etc. However it seems that in Korean culture, delivery service is so much more common and there are wider range of things you can order.

Not only that but they deliver it to anywhere. When I was in Korea couple summers ago, my cousins have ordered friend chicken when we are on the beach. Within half an hour, our chicken arrived on the beach. ON THE BEACH. It was really cool how they were able to find us.

Many restaurants use disposable dishware however some places use reusable ones. After you are done, you can just leave them outside of your house and someone will come and pick it up. Since Korea doesn’t have tipping as part of their culture, you don’t necessarily have to tip for the delivery service.

Reasons for delivery is derived from competition from other stores. Which would be more comfortable? Picking it up yourself or waiting for it to be delivered? In addition, because everyone is so busy in Korea with long work hours and crowded streets, delivery service have been invented. Compared to Canada, many places are so much closer in Korea as the country itself is smaller. Whereas in Canada everything is far away and therefore delivery service for each and every thing wouldn’t be as efficient.


Suyoung Ahn

E-mail: suyounglahn@gmail.com

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  1. I’am living in Korea now .
    It seems you know pretty much about Korea.
    it’s true no country in the world have this quick,convenient delivery system.
    I remember being miserable when i had to bring a sofa(bought brand new at Sears
    in US)into my house just to save $100(delivery surcharge money).
    In fact, Korea delivers any items that cost more than $ 10 over.

  2. my husband in the United States , my husband sent me one a suitcase . I need to get the suitcase that must be like. General Ken Johnson is my husband .

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