Sustainability meets Architecture in new design

When I was doing research for my Geo paper, I came upon this article and thought it deserved sharing.

SAMOO is a firm that offers designing and engineering services. It’s headquartered in Seoul but has branch offices all over the world. Its notable projects include Samsung Town, New York Korean Center, D-Cube City, and many more. Their most recent design is the National Endangered Species Research Centre, and will be located in Yeongyang-gun.

Yeongyang-gun (credit: Wikipedia)

Yeongyang-gun is known as the “inland island” for its inaccessibility – made so by a mountainous terrain and deep ravines. However, as its county flag suggests, it is also one of the cleanest regions in Korea. The red, green and blue stand for its famous red peppers, green mountains, and blue water, combining into one image of purity.

Yeongyang-gun Flag (credit: Wikipedia)

The research complex will be 16000 square metres, divided into three zones: Core, Refresh, and Research. The Core Zone will host the administrative heart of the complex – visitor’s centre, admin building, etc. The Refresh Zone is where visitors or visiting researchers may live. And finally, the Research Zone is where the research will take place – with the incorporation of another concept called “Cell Units”. Cell Units are a combination of indoor, outdoor farms and research facilities that lends flexibility to future expansion.

(I based this information off other articles reporting this facility. Hopefully I didn’t get anything wrong!)

Now onto the pretty pictures! I was so amazed at this design because it was just so beautiful. Upon learning about the technical aspects I was even more impressed because they meshed the topology of the region with their design so well.

Photo credits go to SAMOO & World Architecture News

Read more at:

What do you guys think? Isn’t it a fantastic complex? I’m actually so excited to see this in reality. :)

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  1. wow.. that looks fantastic,, I personally think Korea has a pretty good urban planning system including public transportaion etc. The trend is now eco and share which I really facinate

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