2014 C3 Conference


The 7th C3 Leadership Conference was successfully held on Saturday, March 8th at SFU Harbour Centre.  The 117 delegates, 44 mentors and numerous volunteers and committee members made the gathering the biggest so far, and the vibrant energy created in the conference demonstrated the distinct characteristics of the BC Korean-Canadian community.

C3 Society is a non-profit organization founded in 2003 which aims to embrace cultural diversity and cooperate with other groups to bridge the Korean-Canadian communities by providing cultural, educational and volunteer resources.  It has grown to be one of the most successful and well-recognized names in BC Korean-Canadian community.  The Leadership Conference is one of the biggest events hosted by C3, and it provides networking opportunities for young professionals as well as chances for prospective career-seekers to get an insight into various professional fields.

This year’s theme for the conference was ‘Thrive.’  Thriving at the individual level by achieving happiness and success, and thriving as a community that identify with common values and traditions; the theme of thriving was approached from various perspectives.  Furthermore, the workshops and talks were geared to ‘thriving’ at not the superficial but the fundamental level.

15-minute talks called LEAD Talks addressed the entire congregation about ways of successfully presenting oneself.  Also, workshops addressed smaller groups providing practical advices on interviews and the job market.  The highlight of the conference were the roundtable talks with mentors.  Professionals brought their expertise to talk to aspiring students and gave some insight into the field.  Many of the participants were impressed to hear the success stories of 1.5 generation and 2nd generation Korean-Canadians as they shared the same values.  Also, the participants appreciated the opportunity to network with professionals in their prospective fields.

Michale Lee, Marketing Coordinator for C3 Society, commented on the success of the conference.  “The organizing committee put many, many hours into organizing the conference, and we really appreciate the overwhelming reception we got from the participants and the community in general.  It was overall a successful event.  We host many exciting events, and C3 is out there in the community.  If you want to get involved further please do not hesitate to contact us.”

You can find them here!  http://c3society.org/

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