“Ambassador for Peace” Medal Application Form


Are there any Korean War Veterans in Canada? If you served in Korean War, you may be eligible for the Korean “Ambassador for Peace” Medal. This commemorative medal is an expression of appreciation from the Korean government to Canadian service men and women who served in the Korean War.

The Ambassador for Peace Medal began to be presented to veterans as a special memento for those of who returned to South Korea through the ‘Revisit Program’. The honour has since expanded to veterans who cannot travel long journey to Korea.


1. To be eligible, the veterans must have served during the Korean War from June 25, 1950 to July27, 1953. It is also available for the veterans who have participated in UN peacekeeping operations until the end of 1955.

2. The commemorative medals may be awarded posthumously. However, please understand that the highest priority for presenting the medal is given to veterans who are currently surviving in Canada. The next of kin, such as the spouse or descendants may apply for the medal on behalf of a deceased veteran.

3. In order to apply for this commemorative medal, veterans or their family members have to complete the application form. Application form is attached in this page. Veterans need to provide a copy of the Veteran’s Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty along with their application form for verification purpose.

4. Please send your completed application form to the Defence Attaché Office, Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Ottawa (150 Boteler Street, Ottawa, ON. K1N 5A6). Please download the application in http://can-ottawa.mofa.go.kr/webmodule/htsboard/template/read/legengreadboard.jsp?typeID=16&boardid=8192&seqno=705719&c=&t=&pagenum=1&tableName=TYPE_ENGLEGATIO&pc=&dc=&wc=&lu=&vu=&iu=&du=


If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact the Defence Attaché Office at the Embassy of the Republic of Korea at TEL 613-244-5027, FAX 613-244-5034 or email at defenceaide@koreanembassy.ca

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  1. I am having a difficult time printing the application – it won’t download – please send again. Mary Keates, President, Royal Canadian Legion (Queen’s Own) Branch 344 – I have “2” Korean Veterans who deserve this medal.

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