Korean Snacks

Guest contributor (aka a friend of mine) Esabelle Kim joins us today to share 10 of her favorite Korean snacks. Although I would like to say “top 10”, she refuses to play favorites.

10. 홈런볼 (Home-run Ball)

홈런볼 are creampuff lookalikes. The outside is flaky but soft and there’s semi-solidified cream inside. The combo is very complementary and the bite-size pieces ensure you’ll finish a whole pack in no time.

c: sungtoo.tistory.com

9. 카라멜콘 땅콩 (Caramel Corn Peanut)

These are basically crescent shaped caramel glazed cheetos (minus the cheese). There are roasted salty peanuts inside. Matching the leftover peanuts with lonely peanut-less corn pieces can be weirdly fun.

c: endeva.tistory.com

8. 쵸코하임/화이트하임 (Chocolate Heim/White Chocolate Heim)

I’m sure everyone knows of this one – light flaky straws with chocolate/assorted flavors of cream inside. Tastes extra good when refrigerated.

c: seehint.com

7. 새우깡 (Shrimp snack)

People may think this snack comes from China, but it’s not. These are rectangular shrimp crackers. An interesting tidbit about this snack is that there is a “noraebang” version which is a HUGE bag of the crackers. There is also a spicy version available.

c: ask.nate.com

6. 빅파이 (Vic Pie)

Although this snack is called “Vic/Big Pie”, the individual pies are actually quite small: comparable to a macaron. A box usually contains ~30 pies. The pie itself is very crumbly but dense. it’s glazed with chocolate and contains strawberry jam.

c: lottemart.com

5. 바나나킥 (Banana Kick)

Banana kicks are a banana flavored “cheeto” type snack. It’s very sweet and also popular as a baby snack because it melts in your mouth.

c: pakmartdutyfree.com

4. 몽쉘/오예스 (Mon Cher/Oh Yes)

While similar to Chocopie, both the cream and the glaze is heavier compared to Chocopie. However, it manages to not feel too rich in taste.

c: koko8829.tistory.com

3. 쿠크다스 (Couque D’asse)

This snack apparently hails from Belgium. It’s a type of cookie that is very light on the outside and soft on the inside. The cream can be chocolate, matcha, or others. Sort of a “classy” snack, one might say.

c: asiansnacks.tribe.net

2. 콘칲 (Corn Chip)

Everyone knows corn chip, come on.

c: koreanmarket.cn

1. 칸쵸 (Kan Cho)

Round biscuit balls with the characters Kanny and Chonny printed on it. It has a variety of fillings. I believe the one in the picture depicts pineapple flavored ones.

c: seoltang.com

After doing this article, I really feel like going to a Korean market and grabbing all of these to try them out! What’s your favorite snack? Comment below! :)

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  1. Love so many of these, we do a good amount of our monthly food shop in varying Asian supermarkets near where we live and I think we’ve eaten about seven of these. Still not sure on the banana flavoured crisps, I can’t decide if I like them but can’t stop eating them either. Crisps should not taste like milkshake….and it shouldn’t be good!

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