[Tasty Road to Korea] 3 Non-spicy Korean Food (1): Handmade Chopped Noodles (Kalguksu)

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Motivated by a Korean TV show “TastyRoad” (O’live/ Sat 11pm), “Tasty Road to Korea” will introduce several Korean restaurants with authentic Korean cuisine in Toronto according to certain themes.


The first theme of Tasty Road to Korea was “3 Korean Food to Survive Canadian WInter.” Korean Food is known for its hot and spicy flavor, which can help people in Canada to stay strong in the bone-chilling cold of the winter.

  • Potato Pork Bone Soup: https://korcan50years.com/2014/02/11/tasty-road-to-korea-3-korean-food-to-survive-canadian-winter-1-potato-pork-bone-soup/
  • Soft Tofu Stew: https://korcan50years.com/2014/02/11/tasty-road-to-korea-3-korean-food-to-survive-canadian-winter-2-soft-tofu-stew/
  • Army Stew: https://korcan50years.com/2014/03/26/tasty-road-to-korea-3-korean-food-to-survive-canadian-winter-3-army-stew/



The second theme of Tasty Road to Korea is “3 Non- spicy Korean Food.”  One of the most frequently-asked questions by my friends studying together in Toronto is, “Is there any Korean food which is not spicy?” It is because they are hesitant to try Korean food due to its spicy flavor. However, there are a variety of Korean cuisine which is not spicy at all! The first non-spicy Korean cuisine I will introduce today is “Handmade Chopped Noodles (Kalguksu 칼국수).”


too spicy


Kalguksu is made of a specific type of noodles which are flattened by a push stick and are fine-cut by knife (‘Kal’ means ‘knife’ in Korean). According to literature from Chosun dynasty, people used to eat Kalguksu only on days of sacred ceremony because flour was very expensive at that time (from The Academy of Korean Studies). To introduce this non-spicy but still indigenous Korean cuisine to my friends, we revisited “Imonay Korean Restaurant (뉴이모네집)” on 665 Bloor street. west.




There are various kinds of Kalguksu: chicken Kalguksu, perilla Kalguksu, red bean Kalguksu, seafood Kalguksu, Manila clam Kalguksu, etc. The photo above shows seafood Kalguksu which includes shrimp, squid and Manila clam.






Some Korean restaurants in Korea which are specialized in Kalguksu serve it only with Kimchi because those two are well-suited to each other. But this restaurant serves eight common Korean side dishes. The first is the photo of young radish Kimchi, stir-fried fish cake, seasoned vegetables and winter grown cabbage Kimchi. The second is the photo of cubed radish Kimchi, stir-fried zucchini, cabbage kimchi and seasoned bean sprouts.




Kalguksu has clean but rich flavor. A bowl of Kalguksu includes a variety of vegetables and other main ingredients such as seafood or chicken, so it fills your stomach full. It is not spicy at all, still an indigenous Korean food.

Have you hesitated to try Korean food because you cannot eat spicy food? Try Kalguksu! It will introduce you to a new world of Korean cuisine!


(This is the video of Kalguksu in Imonay Korean Restaurant ▼)

The image of a man holding a red chili pepper from: http://www.bubblews.com/assets/images/news/1055602656_1390894901.jpg

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