Who Needs Photoshop?

Jee Young Lee

I’ll Be Back by Jee Young Lee

In the light of the strongly debated overly photoshopped imagery out there, Jee Young Lee’s photography comes in like a breath of fresh air. The recent Seoul Hongik University graduate is presently considered one of the most promising and talked about modern Korean artists, differentiating herself from the crowd through her unique perspective on classic photography.

Jee Young Lee

The Little Match Girl by Jee Young Lee

After hours of meticulously crafting imaginary worlds in her small studio apartment, Jee Young Lee documents her artistic efforts through photography with her as a central character. The images resulted are an amazing detailed rendition of cherished dreams and childhood fantasies, all brought to life from an artist’s universe where anything is possible.

Jee Young Lee

Treasure Hunt by Jee Young Lee

The great patience and time that get invested in these theatrical accomplishments reduce the need of photographic manipulation to an absolute minimum while still maintaining enough an engaging visual impact to keep the 2014 art viewer interested.

Jee Young Lee

Food Chain by Jee Young Lee

Lee Young Lee’s work has already caught the attention of multiple publications and received numerous Awards, including the Sovereign Art Prize in 2012. Learn more about this artist and her fascinating work by visiting the Opiom Gallery Website.

by Dora Cruceru

Founder and Editor

A Drop of Indigo


Photo source Opiom Gallery

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