Restaurant Review: Boom Beer

What’s better than fried chicken? Korean Fried Chicken!

If you ever had fried chicken in Korea, you know it tastes nothing like KFC or any other fast-food chains that offer it, here in Canada. There are Korean pubs or restaurants that offer Korean-style chicken, but many times it can be a hit or a miss. However, Boom Beer, a small Korean pub located in Surrey has been frying up Korean-style chicken for many years that tastes almost exactly like the ones one might find back East, in Korea! They also offer other great dishes that I highly recommend.

Boom Beer’s Menu

Boom Beer is a fully licensed pub that offers varieties of Korean Anju (food consumed w/ alcohol), so it is a great place to visit with friends or family for a night out with couple of drinks. I visit this place often as it offers dishes that is quiet nostalgic of Korea. Here are some of my favorite picks.


(Order of Half Fried and Half Spicy Chicken)

Korean Fried/ Spicy Chicken (후라이드/ 양념 치킨)

You get the option of ordering a half chicken or a full chicken, and the pieces are big! The regular fried chicken is fried to crisp, with juicy meat as you bite into it. The sauce on the spicy chicken is to die for too, with spicy yet zesty taste to it. All chicken orders comes with a side dish of pickled radish that tastes great with the chicken.



Pupae Soup (추억에 번데기탕)

If you are willing to try something new, or experience the true Korean experience, Boom Beer offers Pupae soup, a dish that is often sold by street vendors in Korea. Made out of steamed or boiled Pupae in broth, don’t let the appearance scare you away it. It has a very savoury taste with rich flavor in each bite. You won’t know the true taste until you try it!




Spicy Seasoned Sea Snail with noodles  (골뱅이 무침)

Another one of Korea’s favorite Anjus, sea snails or also known as Bai Tops, are similar to Escargot. It is boiled and tossed in with vegetables and seasoned with Korean spicy sauce. The dish also comes with cold noodles on the side that can be enjoyed together.


Boom Beer offers up other dishes including Spicy Cheese Chicken, Fish Cake Soup, and much more. The pub itself is pretty small, with limited seating but they offer pick up orders too. All alcohol orders also come with popcorn as well as Hot Egg soup. Since they fry all chicken by each order, it does take up to  15-20 minutes, but it definitely worth the wait. Whether you are looking for a night out for drinks, or looking to taste what Koreans enjoy with an ice cold beer, Boom Beer is a great place to try!

For location and more information, click here.



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Diane Lee

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