How to make good Ramen noodles

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Last night, I was thinking getting a bit hungry and looked through my pantry to see what I can have. From the corner of my eyes, I saw this red shiny packaging and guess what it was?! RAMEN NOODLES! In Korean culture, when you are hungry and want something quick and easy to make, we often make Ramen Noodles as it is easy and tasty. So today, I wanted to share my tips on how to make good Ramen noodles!

How to make GOOD Ramen noodles:

1. Go buy a bag of Ramen noodles. They can be found at major grocery stores but Korean or Asian grocery stores definitely carry them. They have variations of flavours, soup base, etc. Here’s an example of some of the popular ones.




2. Now boil water; usually 2 cups but it really depends on you whether you want plenty of soup or little. Make ramen in the highest option on the stove as cooking noodles the fastest will result in bouncier noodles.


3. Add in soup base in the boiling water. This can be found in the package. Usually, people put the noodle first and then the soup (like my mom) but putting the soup base first will allow the noodle to absorb the spices while it is cooking.


4. Add in the noodle; snap it in half and put it in if you prefer it that way.


5.Wait until the noodle and the soup boils again. At this point, do NOT put the lid on the pot. Lift up the noodle in the air couple of times because when the hot noodle comes in contact with cold air, it tends to shrink thus making it bouncy.



6. Just before you are about to finish cooking it, this is the time to add in vegetables found in the package. If you put this in with the soup base, the vegetables will become soggy and mushy.


7. Lastly, you can add Kimchi or Kimchi soup to your ramen, rice cake (personally my favourite), eggs, or green onions to personalize your own ramen!



And… voila! or ta-da!

If you have your own tips, feel free to share below!


Suyoung Ahn


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