How To See Things Differently

artwork by Sun K. Kwak

I find myself constantly amazed at Korean modern artists and their unique perception of the world. Their preoccupation with notions of space and physics defy the limitations of art while at the same time creating a bridge between the flexibility of artistic thinking and scientific method. A refreshing symbiosis, at least from my point of view, that brings together two worlds previously so far apart that commonalities were scarcely ever thought of. 

artwork by Sun K. Kwak

So perfectly do the immaterial creations of Sun K. Kwak fit into this new movement that explanations are barely necessary. Her innovative approach to drawing took her on a journey of experimentation that culminated in the use of the most unexpected yet pleasantly surprising media : black masking tape. “As a medium, black masking tape freely shifts between two and three dimensional planes. Through the pliability and the accessibility of ordinary black masking tape, I aim to designate the lines as an extension of myself. The process signifies my effort to unite myself with the medium as it weaves its way unhindered through varied visual and environmental spaces.”

artwork by Sun K. Kwak

The result is minimalist yet grand enough to impress, simple yet refined in meaning – a spontaneous representation of the artist’s inner journey in discovering the nature of time, space and life itself. 

Find out more about the Seoul born artist here and hear her talk about her work here.

by Dora Cruceru

Founder and Editor 

A Drop of Indigo


Photos via local-artists.org

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