The Delicate Illustrations of Jo In Hyuk

Jo In Hyuk

A delicate representation of human nature at its best, that’s how I would describe Jo In Hyuk’s captivating illustrations. The minimalist yet powerful renditions manage to capture the fragility and beauty of youth caught in an all consuming space situated somewhere in between the innocence of childhood and the harsh reality of adulthood. 

Jo In Hyuk

While I recognize a strange yet too familiar feeling of restlessness as I gaze upon this revealing and fascinating work, I can’t help but feel that that the artist’s insight into emotions we all understand so well is rooted deep within an ability of embracing a reality many spend so much time to avoid – the struggle of unravelling new meanings an otherwise unremarkable existence. 

Jo In Hyuk

Jo’s illustrations consistently carry his minimalist yet straight to the point manner with an eye pleasing combination of muted tones and carefully crafted accents. The lines are graceful and decorative, but heavily play a central part in contouring this emotional universe where beauty and angst straggly coexist in such a fascinating way.

Learn more about this Korean artist’s work on the Jo In Hyuk website.

By Dora Cruceru

Founder and Editor

A Drop of Indigo


Photo source and credits Jo In Hyuk

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