Korean Beauty Box: Memebox Unboxing

If you are crazy about Korean cosmetics (like me), but don’t live in Korea (like me), boy do I have something exciting to tell you about.

Beauty Box subscriptions are huge all over the world right now. Usually you pay a monthly fee, and have a box of surprise goodies show up at your door each month. Korea’s version of the beautybox blows all of the other companies out of the water. Seriously.

Unlike other subscription beautyboxes, Memebox (Korea’s version), doesn’t require you to sign up for the monthly subscription. You join Memebox, and have the choice to buy a new Memebox every month or so, or… you may choose to buy 3 Memeboxes in one week and blow your budget right there.  Oops.

You just go to their website and browse around (www.memebox.com) until you find a memebox that you’d like.  The exciting part? You might get a sneak peek of one or two items in the box, but the rest arrive as a surprise.  If you totally can’t stand it, you can always go to Youtube, and search for a Memebox unboxing to check out everything that will be included.  Each regular memebox is $23 and contains 4-8 full size and luxury sized beauty products.  You always get your money’s worth with Memebox. Shipping directly from Korea is $6.99 and usually takes a couple of weeks to arrive.  I placed my order on May 24th, and it arrived today, in Canada, on June 9th.

So, are you curious what arrived on my doorstep today?  I ordered Luckybox #5, for $23.  Here’s what was inside!

First, it came via Canada Post and arrived in Pretty pink packaging. I opened the package to find this adorable bubble wrapped box of goodness.


So, I excitedly opened up the box and found THIS!!! So.Much.Stuff.



Now, let’s do a break down of what was in the box.  I haven’t tried it all yet, of course, but here’s the loot.

First we have Tonymoly Delight Tony Tint #2 Red 1.5ml Sample.  This lip tint is beautiful. It looks and tastes like you just bit into a juicy red strawberry. Very pretty, and very sweet. A++!


Next up, and I know the name is a tad bit off-putting, Dreams Come True, Bounce Cheese Cream. I know. Cheese Cream.  Sometimes things get lost in translation. I’m not sure if it’s the name, or the silky consistency, or even the amazing smell that is reminiscent of something from my childhood, but I think this may be my favourite thing in this box. The retail price of this cream is $35 for a 75ml jar, and this sample is 30ml but still quite large.

UPDATE: I used this cream this morning after washing my face, and applying toner and essence.  It was a nice light texture that really made my face feel soft and smooth. Love it! A+!



The next item is Dr. Jart V7 Eye Serum. It is full size and retails for $38.  I’m so excited to try this serum. It says that it brightens and rids the eyes of dark circles. YES!

UPDATE: This serum kind of reminds you of a tube of medicine.  It kind of looks like polysporin, or more accurately, a tube of 후시딘.  It’s quite thin… closer to a gel than a cream.  I’m not sure if it helped with dark circles or not but it’s been about 2 hours since I applied it and the skin under my eyes still feels hydrated. I give it an A!


I’m really looking forward to trying this one too.  O& Soap Berry Bubble Cleanser, Full Size, and retails for $25.  Anything that says “Cleanse your face with carbonated water” gets my vote. I will try this when I get home tonight.

UPDATE: In all honesty, this cleanser really seems like your run of the mill foam cleanser. I was hoping for some type of bubble pop effect, but all-in-all it worked fine.  It did leave my skin nice and soft and removed all of my make-up quite well. I would give it a B+.


I’ve used a lot of sheet masks from Korea, but I’ve never heard of this brand.  Leaders Insolution Mask Sheet- Aqua Dressing. $3.  Aqua Dressing reminds me of salad dressing, which is kind of weird, but I will let that one go.  It says it dramatically reduces signs of wrinkles, so that’s always good!


There were two samples of Miguhara BP Cream.  I’ve never heard of BP cream, but the description says it’s a combination of BB Cream and Primer. I tested it on my hand and the consistency is so smooth and soft.  It’s a tiny bit darker than my usual colour, but I think it will be perfect for summer.  Full size is $37, but these are just two smallish samples. Probably will last a couple of weeks.

UPDATE: I LOVE this B.P. cream! I’m wearing it under my regular make-up today. It would definitely be too sheer for me to wear alone, but it actually works like a tinted pore primer.  It doesn’t give you that slightly creepy panty-hose feel that some pore primers do, but still leaves your skin very smooth and perfectly ready for real BB cream or foundation.


Dr. G BIO-RTx Mentor Cream 20ml.  The full size version is 50ml and retails for $35.  There were three types of cream you could get in this lucky box and I happened to get the dry skin type. It says that it creates a barrier and deeply moisturises skin.  It smells like a lot of products I have bought from Skin-Food. A bit perfumey but very pleasant.

UPDATE: I tried this cream last night before bed. It is quite thick, and I would be more likely to wear this in the winter time. When I woke up in the morning, I could still kind of feel it on my face, so yes, it is very moisturising and long lasting!


Finally, we have LJH Tea Tree 90 Essence 20ML. Full size 50ml retails for $32.  I haven’t opened this one yet, but it comes in a little jar with a dropper, like an ampoule. The description says it’s an essence that clears, moisturizes and brightens troubled skin. Neat. I will be trying this one tomorrow morning.

UPDATE: I used this this morning after my toner. It was quite a thick essence, almost like a serum.  I’m not sure if I noticed any difference, but it did feel very fresh.


So, would I recommend you to buy a Memebox? ABSOLUTELY! Korea sure knows how to put together a fantastic beautybox. Korean cosmetics are slowly but surely taking over the world.

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  1. the more I read about memebox the more I want to try it;) What would you recommend for my type of skin, you know I had some damage due to acne when I live in Hong Kong. I hate wearing make-up though but If I could find a cleanser+toner+moisturizer that works wonder to improve my skin I am totally sold. You have such a great skin, so it sure is working for you. I meant to ask you so many times what you use on your face, but never did, sigh;)

  2. Awwe thanks Marygen! I would go for the Dermo-Costmetics Box if you want to repair damaged skin: http://us.memebox.com/superbox-2398#.U6RHwfldUtE

    But, if you want to make your skin look smoother and more even for acne scars or pores, I would go with the Pore Box (it helps to smooth out the appearance) http://us.memebox.com/superbox-2399#.U6RIC_ldUtE

    Also, exciting thing, you can get them both plus upgraded shipping in a combo they have right now: http://us.memebox.com/superbox-34-dermocosmetics-2-36-pore-3#.U6RIM_ldUtE

    OR if you just want to be surprised, regular Memebox is only $23 and always has really great stuff! Something like this one: http://us.memebox.com/memebox-global/memebox-special-12-vitamin-care#.U6RMW_ldUtE

    Everything always sells out so fast! If you want to have $3.00 savings you can go through my links above, or browse Memebox here: http://us.memebox.com/?acc=4734ba6f3de83d861c3176a6273cac6d&bannerid=31

    I LOVE Memebox, I ordered so many of them! I still have 5 on the way (Including a man box for Charles haha)

    Thanks for saying that about my skin, that’s so nice of you. What I do for mine is scrub with exfoliating soap at least two times a week, and use regular foam cleanser the other days. I always use toner after (I used to think it dried out my skin, but then realized it actually takes off the dried and dead skin cells so it doesn’t build up), then I use moisture cream (or gel is better in the summer or if you have oily skin),and eye cream, then Korean BB cream, and powder.. Also make sure your BB cream has SPF (I think almost all do) to protect from the sun. It sounds like a lot of steps, but I think it’s so fun to do it! Also, I like to use a mask too sometimes, especially if my skin starts feeling dry. :)

  3. Hello Bobae, I want to order a couple of meme boxes. I love their attention to detail with packaging, etc. I’m also a Tony Moly fan. Would you be able to suggest a box? Thanks!

    • Hi Debra! Unfortunately, Memebox has just announced that they will stop shipping internationally as of Feb 10th, 2015 :( You have 8 days to make a purchase! They will continue to ship to the US, but Canada has been taken off the list.

      If you check their boxes, right now they have quite a few to choose from and if you search for unboxings, you can see the content of several of them. I hope this helps! Here is a link for you to get directly to the box page:

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