She-Spots, The Parking Spots for South Korean Women

Parking_Spot_2She Spots are painted pink, and are marked with a woman figure in a dress.

In 2009, the Seoul Metropolitan Government introduced women only parking spots. The purpose of the parking spots, called “she-spots”, are part of a $700 million dollar project by the government of Seoul to make the city more female-friendly.

Contrary to what many people have been reading online, the parking spots are not longer, or wider. There was backlash about she-spots being wider and longer, because it would perpetuate the stereotype that women are bad drivers.

Lauren Suk, a spokesperson for the Seoul Metropolitan Government, told Mashable, “However, the size of the parking space is not typically large or expanded; it’s the same size as regular parking spaces.”

The parking spots are also located closer to entrances, exits, elevators and escalators. The reasoning behind this is to make things more convenient for mothers who have children, and for safety reasons. Areas where there are she-spots are well-lit.

I140527_214818_1901441oTextCS_62858201Seoul has invested $700 million dollars over a course of four years to make things more comfortable for women.

She-spots are not the only way Seoul is making things more comfortable for women, they have repaved some of its sidewalks with squishy, high heel-friendly material and built 7,000 women-only toilets across the city.

“As more women engage themselves in social life, their desire to improve the quality of life and demand for public support is increasing,” adds Assistant Mayor for Women and Family Affairs, Cho Eun-hee.

Other ways Seoul will continue with their female-friendly movement is to build sidewalks that are crack-free, so high heels don’t get stuck, having televisions in nursery schools so parents can watch their children while at work, and creating niche-market jobs in the nursing or teaching fields for housewives.

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  1. I live here in South Korea and have noticed these women only parking bays being introduced even into my tiny rural city. Emart has already caught on :) I think its great , while my Korean boyfriend doesn’t like it all that much

    • That’s awesome that the She-Spots have been introduced in rural areas. I think they’re great too, especially for safety reasons. LOL I’m sure your Korean boyfriend doesn’t like them very much, because he can’t get a parking spot in a convenient area of the parking lot :P

      Thanks for reading and for your comment. Much appreciated xoxo

    • No I haven’t. I tried looking for information online and didn’t find anything. Do you have a link? Thanks for letting me know.

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