The History of C.C.C (3): Korean DANO Spring Festival

The History of C.C.C (Corea-Canada Cooperation) covers the history of friendly relations between Korea and Canada which had started in the Joseon Dynasty era. (And during that period, Korea was known as “Corea” instead of “Korea” to the international society.) The History of C.C.C will be in reverse order, starting from contemporary issues between Korea and Canada and tracing back to activities of Canadian missionaries in Korea during the late Joseon Dynasty.


The first article of the History of C.C.C was Korean Language Classes in the Korean Consulate General in Toronto (https://korcan50years.com/2014/05/15/the-history-of-c-c-c-1-korean-language-classes-in-the-korean-consulate-general-in-toronto/). And the second one was about the 3rd annual Toronto Korean Film Festival (https://korcan50years.com/2014/07/18/the-history-of-c-c-c-2-2014-toronto-korean-film-festival/). Today, I will cover Korean DANO Spring Festival taken place on June 6th and 7th, 2014 at Christie Pits Park (750 Bloor street West).




“DANO”, a major traditional Korean holiday, is designated by UNESCO as one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

“Korean DANO Spring Festival” …feature[s] Korean food, traditional dance and music, Korean Pop, arts & crafts, Taekwondo demonstrations, sports competitions, business booths and continuous entertainment along with a beer garden.

(Introduction from the official festival website: http://www.danofestival.ca/dano/dano.html)




Even before 6pm when the festival was supposed to start, many Koreans and non-Koreans gathered in Christie Pits Park. It was like a picnic that some people brought mats and food, and other people were playing some board games. The weather was perfect for both festival and picnic.




Around a main stage there were many booths for experiencing Korean culture. The Korean Art Student Association from Ontario College of Art & Design (OCAD CASA) set up a booth where people can try Korean traditional dress “Hanbok (한복)” and take Polaroid pictures. Also, OCAD CASA sold their Korean-style artworks such as fans, bottle cap arts, balsal diaries, etc.




University of Toronto Korean Students’ Association (UTKSA) opened a booth for water balloon game which Korean people usually play in festivals. A person stands holding a board with a hole for his/her face, and other people throw water balloons to that person. It was one of the most popular booths in Korean DANO Spring Festival.




A festival cannot be discussed without food! Several Korean restaurants in Korean Town set up booths with several representative Korean food. Some booths were selling fusion food such as Bulgogi hotdog. It was an interesting combination of hotdog with Bulgogi instead of sausage and it tasted really good.






At 6pm, the festival was officially started with a series of special performance. A brass group played some old Korean songs, and a Chinese fusion band called “Spire” played contemporary pop songs with both Western and Eastern musical instruments.






The most popular part of Korean DANO Spring Festival was ALL TV K-Pop Cover Dance Competition. On Saturday, June 6, there was a semi-final for Sunday but all participants were so amazing that it was more or less a final.




Top 15 semi-finalists performed various K-pop dances. And it was impressive to see that the vast majority of the participants were non-Korean. Regardless of nationalities, they were all interested in K-pop, and their passion for Korean culture was amazing. Although only top 5 could perform in the final on Sunday, June 7, I want to send my applause to every participant.




Korean DANO Spring Festival is an annual festival co-organized by the Korean Town BIA, the Korean Times Daily and All TV since 1993. This year is the 21th anniversary of the festival. If you missed this year and are interested in Korean culture, try Korean DANO Spring Festival in 2015!


(▼ The video I made about Korean DANO Spring Festival)


The posters of Korean DANO Spring Festival & All TV Kpop Cover Dance Competition from: https://www.facebook.com/danofestival/photos_stream


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