Where to Buy Korean Cosmetics Online

As I’ve said before, when I lived in Korea, I spent a major portion of my pay cheques on cosmetics. Oops. When I lived in Jeju, the only cosmetic shop in town was The Face Shop. It wasn’t my favouirte, but hey, you do what you have to do. My boyfriend (now husband) lived in Pyeongtaek, so when I’d fly up to see him he would diligently take me to all of my favourite shops: Etude House, Tony Moly, Innisfree, Skin Food ect. Moving back to Canada, I’ve had my major addiction crushed. Until NOW!

For the past three years, my sister in law would send me my favourite BB Cream, and I would hoard the samples they included. When my hubby went to Korea in the spring he brought me back a few products plus a massive, massive amount of samples. I think he threatened all of the poor cash girls at the shops. Hehe. Yes.

After discovering Memebox, which is a beauty box that sends you quality surprise Korean cosmetics, I dug deeper. I found lots of online shops! What the heck?! Three years ago I couldn’t find an online shop to save my life! Now they are everywhere. After researching, I think I landed on the best site for ordering specific items: Beautynet Korea.  There are lots of other sites you can order from but the prices here seem quite good, are comparable to Korean prices, the layout is nice, and it’s all in English.  And… free shipping! On everything.  So you just want a couple of sheet masks? No problem. Free shipping. The free shipping does take about 2-4 weeks to arrive, but just think of it as an exercise in delayed gratification. Also you get a certain percentage back as credit every time you buy, so you can spend them later in the shop.

I recently unboxed and reviewed a Beautynet Korea Haul on my blog, so I’ll post that here for you to see as well. Here you go!

I placed this order June 23 and it arrived on July 10th, from Korea, with Free Shipping.

ETUDE HOUSE – Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base Tube SPF25 PA++ 35g- Mint. $10.99


I was really excited about this! The mint colour is supposed to reduce redness, and I think it actually does. I’ve been using it for a few days, and I do really like it. It doesn’t have that panty-hose consistency that pore primers do, but it does cut down on the redness.


Etude House – Ice Shot Rapid Cooling Patch 6.5g 1pack (5pcs) $6.98


This is so cool! Patches that you put on your body to cool down in the heat. I was really annoyed yesterday that I didn’t have it when we went to the zoo in hot weather! I was saving them until I could take a picture of them unopened.


Etude House – Play Therapy Soft Clay Pack [Pore Sebum Care] 150ml $11.49


I’ve really been wanting a great clay mask.  The day after I ordered it I found one at Walmart for about $3.00. Shoot! I will try this one and let you all know how it goes! I think it’s in order tonight if I have time :)

UPDATE: I tried this last night, and it was actually really nice. It didn’t dry out my face like my $3.00 walmart one, it only took 5-10 minutes, and it was very soft and nice to wash off. Okay, I love it.


Tonymoly – Panda’s Dream Eye Patch Sample * 3pcs $5.69


I LOVE the collagen eye masks from Face Shop and Etude House, so I’m reaaaaalllllyyyy hoping these are at least comparable! They doesn’t feel as thick or substantial through the packaging but I will try them out and see!

UPDATE: I tried this last night, and I was so surprised! Haha! It’s not a typical under eye mask, it actually has a little hole to punch out and it goes completely around your eye like a panda eye! I looked ridiculous, but it was kind of neat. Not as nourishing as the collagen eye patches, but still fun.


ETUDE HOUSE – Petit Bijou Peach Touch Allover Spray 150ml $10.50

This smells SO GOOD! The scent lasts for quite a while, for just a spray. I probably won’t buy it again, it was a lot smaller than I thought it was going to be, but it does smell lovely. Mmmm…..


SAMPLES! These are the free samples that were thrown in :) I tried the Sleeping Pack last night. The sticky feeling annoyed me before I fell asleep (not really sticky, but you know, not really clean either), but my face was very nice and soft when I washed it off in the morning.


So, there you have it! My first beautynetkorea haul. Actually, I have another little box that arrived, but it’s my birthday present from my hubby, that I can’t open until the end of the month. Eee! I will post all about it when I get it.

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  1. I’m in Canada too! Was the clay mask you got Freeman’s? I found it drying too in comparison to my Kiehl’s Deep Pore Cleansing Masque, and there wasn’t even a reduction in pore size.

  2. Thank you for your post. Wondering if Canadian government imposed any custom tariff on shipping coming from korea. I am in the dilemma to order from various Korean sites, but they all mentioned that their shipping fees exclude recipient’s countries custom clearance. Can you give some tips based on your experiences? Appreciate it!

    • I think Etude House has their own shipping to Canada & US. It depends which carrier the company use for delivery. Canada Post and/or Purolator has custom charges. FedEx doesn’t I used them quite often. Also depends on what the company lists for custom not to tax you. If they put “samples to try” it won’t.

  3. Me too I’m not a big fan The Face Shop, I love Etude House Petit Bijour Spray, instead of using candles I spray it around my room. Do you or anyone know if any Korean brands are gluten free?? I want to buy some “Korean Red Ginseng” ready to consume single packs, any available in Vancouver ? It cost $600 CDN on ebay..
    thank you for posting about Beautynet.korea; I was planning to buy on Koreandepart.com

  4. I ordered some etude house lipsticks from chuusi.ca ..i think they are relatively new but they have pretty good selection!

  5. I live in Canada too! Has anyone heard of chuusi.ca ? I ordered a bunch of Tony Moly and their prices are really good!!! they ship so fast too I got my stuff in 2 days with free samplesss!! finally I dont have to wait 5 weeks for shipping from ebay!

    • Hello Mandi I live in Canada too.I ordered for amazon tony moly I got fake. I heard coupang .com is famous korean website somebody bought for this website.thank you

  6. Thanks for the cool review of these cute products. I’m a big fan of Korean cosmetics and same as you, my wallet always get trimmed by them lols. Normally i buy from http://q-depot.com/ as they have a wider collection of famous Korean cosmetics brands with free shipping over $69 and below that they charge flat rate 2.99 for Asia. Give it a try. Best of all their customer support is fantastic.

  7. Those US websites will make you pay unexpected custom import tax and will cause some delay in clearance. Canadian site will charge GST only depending on where you are… try https://kosme.co/

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