Korean Care Package

We’ve been living in Canada for four years, and it never stops being exciting when a Korean Care Package arrives! When we lived in Korea, my mom would send me coffee crisp chocolate bars, American Eagle jeans, packs of Kool-aid and Kraft Dinner, sheet of stickers for my students and seasonal items like candy corn and candy canes.  Now that the tables have turned, my husband’s family sends care packages to rival those.

So, today I was surprised when the DHL guy came in with this nice big box of goodies.  My husband said he knew it was coming, but I didn’t!

IMG_5182 (1024x683)


Here’s a sneak peek:

IMG_5181 (1024x683)Now, allow me to show you all of the goodness that arrived in this box today:)

First, Pororo Xylatol Gum.  If you have a child, and you have a way to get this, GET IT. My daughter will do anything for a piece of this gum.  She’s three and is very proud of herself to chew gum.  This gum is made from Xylatol, and it’s actually good for her teeth! It also contains a special layer that contains DHA, Vitamins and Calcium. SCORE!  So I never feel bad about giving her this little treat. Now we have five bags of it I can give it to her more freely.

IMG_5184 (1024x648)

Next up? Kim, kim and more kim!  We love dried seaweed paper in our house, and we gobble it up any chance we get.  They sent us three types this time.  The first type is kind of a shredded style. It is all dried and crumbled, nice and salty, seasoned with sesame seeds and sesame oil.  This is my favourite to top our rice, or to make jumokbap.  The second type are little cut up squares, perfect for wrapping rice to make nice little “kim bap” rice rolls with supper.  Just put a scoop of rice, add a bit of spicy sauce, and wrap up for a nice crunchy bite.  The last type are the larger sheets which are less expensive and take up less room than the pre-cut type, but are used in the same way. 

IMG_5187 (1024x622)

IMG_5185 (1024x689)

IMG_5189 (1024x683)

Okay, this next item might freak you out a bit.  This is a product I specifically asked for, but didn’t realize my hubby had actually ordered for me, to be included in the care box. I have seen these on other beauty sites, and Memebox has featured them in earlier boxes.  So what they are are cocoons.  Like actually cocoons made by caterpillars. I didn’t think it would weird me out so much, until I took one out and put it on my finger. Can you guess what they are for? Can you guess at all? Exfoliation! They are great natural little scrubbers that can take all of the dead skin off your face. You just soak them for a minute, and then put your finger in side (Ew, I know.) then scrub, scrub, scrub! So excited to try.  Also, they sent a bonus free handmade soap with it.

IMG_5183 (1024x840)

Next up, another treat for my little sweetie. We have SO MANY of these gummies at home.  They send a tonne every time, and she’s crazy about them, but I’m always scared of damaging her teeth with too many gummies. So in order to keep her safe, I eat them myself. Hehe.  They are king worm gummies and are surprisingly delicious! 

IMG_5193 (1024x558)

Next, another treat for us! Peppero!  Little delicious cookie (?) sticks dipped in chocolate, nuts, and other things.  There are four types here.  Skinny (really thin ones, these are new to me), original (plain, dipped in chocolate), almond (my old favourite), and OREO COOKIE (my new favourite)!! I guess the box just says “White cookie”, but let’s be honest. It’s an oreo. 

IMG_5192 (1024x683)


Next, Choco Pies! These are in almost every box we have ever received. I love these! They are like a wagon wheel but way less sweet. The first time I tried them, I was like “meh”, but now they have grown on me and I always hope I’m going to find some in the bottom of the box. 

IMG_5191 (1024x665)

Next, a boring one, hand needles. My husband practices Korean hand acupuncture, so it’s just something he needed which they kindly sent to him. 

IMG_5190 (1024x683)

And lastly, the entire reason this box was sent, a medical electronic dictionary. I know, BO-RING. But my husband needs it. He’s leaving in less than three weeks to study full body acupuncture, and I have a feeling this puppy is going to be worth it’s weight in gold. 

IMG_5186 (1024x839)So there you have it! Now you’ve seen the insides of a Korean Care Package. Is there anything else you would have included? I thought it was a very nice box! Lucky for us, my hubby’s aunt owns a DHL branch office, so we get spoiled more often than some. 




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