A Different Angle

han kyung woo

Greenhouse by Han Kyung Woo

If you have been a constant reader of my posts you might have observed how my research into Korean art led me to discover a multitude of artists preoccupied with the qualities of space surrounding us. Unlike the romanticized version of this almost introspective journey that you’d find in western art, the modern Korean approach has a specific scientific angle of expressing it’s view on the subject – a refreshing feature that might be the answer for my fascination with it.

Han Kyung Woo

Greenhouse by Han Kyung Woo

While receiving a consistent artistic education, my interest in physics and the nature of things has been a constant in my life and it’s refreshing to see such a large group of artists demonstrating the appeal of combining the two. From Do Ho Sun’s representation of the intangible and Yun Woo Choi’s fascination with extra dimensions, to Sun K. Kwat’s journey to discover the true nature of space, Korean modern art shines not only through originality, but through its ability of so pleasantly pushing the boundaries of our minds.

Han Kyung Woo’s work falls perfectly in line with this movement. His Greenhouse installation is not only timeless through its approach of the nature of perception, but also hauntingly beautiful. The ingenious artist constructed a paradoxical space where perspective and colour create a world of impossibilities – a skilful reminder of the multiple layers of our reality.

Han Kyung Woo

Greenhouse by Han Kyung Woo

I can’t help but recall some of Rene Magritte’s philosophy when admiring Kyung Woo’s creations, but I am also pleasantly surprised at his ability of taking the notions and skilfully applying them to tridimensional space.

To find out more about the artist you can visit his website here and you can also watch a video of the installation here.

By Dora Cruceru

Editor and Founder

A Drop of Indigo


Photo source and credits Han Kyung Woo

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