Turn to Busan

On Sunday, November 10th 2014, Ambassador Cho and ROK Defence Attache Colonel Jan Min Choi gathered in a commemorative wreath-laying ceremony held at the Ottawa city hall to honour Canada’s Veterans of the Korean War. Jim Watson, Mayor of Ottawa; Pierre Lemiuex, Member of Parliament; Karl McQuillan, chief of staff of land operations at the army’s Ottawa headquarters; and Korean War veteran Association joined together at this event.

Ambassador Cho mentioned in his speech,”Though six decades have past, time has not diminished the respect and admiration we Koreans feel for the 27,000 Canadians who left homes and families and risked their lives in a country they never knew and for a people they never met.”, “Thanks to their sacrifice and to the veterans here tonight, Korea has been able to flourish as a prosperous, full-fledged democracy. By answering the call of duty, Canada’s Korean War Veterans changed the course of history for our people and helped make this remarkable progress possible”.





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