Is Hallyu still growing or is it dwindling?

With the spike of all Hallyu content all over the world, with Gangnam Style to My Love From The Star, one must wonder, when will all of it’s popularity end?Psy at his finest
I personally believe that it will grow for a couple more years because for all things, there is a beginning and an end. The Hallyu Wave is still making its way through Asia and the world so I think it’s just how long Korea can keep the popularity. My family is from Hong Kong and we recently went back and there was a lot more Korean stores and other things related to Korea than Japan when my mother said when she was a teen, it was all Japan and Japanese.Along with the fact that China has gone HUGE with Kpop,Kvariety and Kdramas, It could definitely stay for a long period of time before anything really takes over again. The reason why Hallyu can become so popular IMO is because Korea is kind of the middle somewhat unhated brother between China,Japan and Korea, China hates Japan so Japan couldn’t really hugely expand to China but Korea did and has expanded to all of Asia and is doing it well. China started importing the variety show concept and ideas to China so that they could have their own version of Running Man, 1 Night and 2 Days and even Gag Concert.RM China and RM Korea
Producers have been there to help out to create a stable show before returning to Korea for their respective shows. This shows the power in which China can bring if the mass can fall in love with a culture. There are definitely rising issues in the Kpop culture and even in Korea’s culture which leads me to my next point. Korea’s culture. Their culture is something that has it’s vastly great point and also its bad ones. Being overworked as office workers,actors,actresses and even Kpop singers, lead to thousands of cases where they have to be hospitalized and even in the extreme cases there are car accidents and deaths. Whether you’re a top actor or just the camera VJ for a show, everyone will get stress from being overworked.Tired Office Worker

Kpop trainees having to train for long periods of time to have a to hopefully become a hit. Kpop singers that go all around the country everyday to perform so that they can get their name big. If the bulk of Korea could release the tense they have on all workers then the Hallyu wave would last longer. The over saturation of the amount of groups is definitely a problem along with these scandal problems,dating not being like allowed,etc… but does that stop newcomers to train for months,years to become the “Idol” for everyone? Nope. All things involving Korea is just the biggest trend right now which took the place of what Japan had around 5-12 years ago. Dramas like My Love From The Star propelled big things for Korea in Asia, and Kdramas like Pinocchio was sold to the Chinese streaming site, Youku or Todou for around $280,000USD per EPISODE!!! AND there’s 20 episodes so that’s 5.6 MILLION dollars.Pinocchio
I would say Hanguk and the Hallyu wave are at it’s peak right now and is either gonna keep expanding for a couple for years or slowly fall down but its hard to see what will happen. More people are involved in learning Korean so we just really have to see how people will keep loving the Hallyu Wave and see how long it can last.Taegukgi

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  1. You bring up an interesting question. I think it might make more sense to think of Hallyu not in terms of growing or dwindling but instead creating a new awareness for Korean culture. Japan is a perfect example. In the 70’s and 80’s (and even on to the 90’s) Japanese culture became very popular and took the world by storm, while the “Japanese wave” did die down, it left a lasting presence in many countries around the world – in the case of Canada, sushi and ramen restaurants are everywhere and you can buy manga at Indigo. Hallyu will certainly die down eventually, but the presence of Korea internationally will be forever changed and the effects will last for generations. At least that’s my prediction.

    • Although I do somewhat agreed with you, but in my opinion. I think South Korea’s Hallyu Wave can last longer then Japan and Hong Kong did. The Hallyu was designed to last probably more then 40 years according to Jeff Yang, a prominent pop culture expert has said it on a editorial (source: CNN-Is S. Korea the coolest place on earth?)

      Korea did something that Hong Kong and Japan was never able to do. No Asian countries before Korea has ever tried to export TV dramas outside of Asia (there has been some exception), and before K-pop, no Asian pop music has ever made global headlines. Because of that, it’s inspiring other Asian countries like Taiwan to replicate this. I don’t see Hong Kong or Japan wanting to rival their Korean counterpart on a global level. That’s why I’m seeing Taiwanese dramas being picked up in Latin America and getting dubbed. I don’t think South Korea will drop the ball unlike Hong Kong or Japan. Even now, I don’t see dramas from Japan being pick up for Latin American broadcast.

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