February 14th, a Truly Meaningful Day that We All Should be Aware of

February 14th, the special time of the year, where we get caught up with the custom of 1032_2156_4315sending chocolates, cards, flowers and other gifts to our loved ones. However, it is also a historic day, which we all should be aware of. February 14th, 1910 was when Patriot Ahn Jung-Geun, the Korean Independence activist, was sentenced to death by the Japanese government for assassinating Ito Hirobumi, the first prime minister of Japan. Ahn Jung-Geun is regarded as Korea’s national hero, who fought for Korea’s freedom and independence.

61561  On the same day of being sentenced to death, his mother sent him a message saying: “Your death is for the sake of your country, so don’t ask for your life cowardly. Your brave death for justice is a final filial regards to your mother.”

Seo Kyung-Deok who is a professor at Sungshin Women’s University edited a video of Ahn Jung-Geun that he made in mid-October last year, and uploaded on YouTube. The video is about 6 minutes long and introduces Ahn Jung-Geun’s patriotic deed, the theory of East Asian Peace, and also commemorates the memory of Patriot Ahn Jung-Geun.

It is a truly meaningful day, and I hope that this will be the opportunity to help us to be more aware of it and be thankful to those who fought for Korea’s freedom and independence.

This article is also available in French: https://korcan50years.com/2015/02/15/le-14-fevrier-une-journee-memorable-dont-nous-devrions-nous-souvenir-2/

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