Jimjilbang (Korean Spa and Sauna) – Pros and Cons

One of the biggest culture shock many non-Koreans have in Korea is the culture of Jimjilbang. It has been brought to attention again in media by Conan O’Brien in recent weeks. Steven Yeun, the Korean-American actor, most famously known for the Walking Dead series, joins Conan O’Brien for a comedic bit at Authentic Korean Spa for Team COCO.

WARNING! this clip is quite vulgar although it is sensored out. If you are uncomfortable at looking at sensored comedy and half-naked men, please beware of watching this youtube clip!

I just wanted to share the Pros and Cons of Jimjilbang. Starting with the Cons!



Psy having the time of his life in Korean Sauna. Photo by kpopnews.org

  • As well as being the pro, the brick pillows are comfy for a little while but to stay for 24 hours, it can be quite hard.
  • Some people do stay here often for the whole day to chat, sleep, refuge away from their lives.
  • Being uncomfortable naked… the showering area and the sauna areas are separated between men and women, but there are no clothes allowed in these areas.



Photo by randomwire.com

  • Definitely one of the most relaxing places on EARTH.
    Feel free to lie down with the brick-look-a-like pillows and walk into the different temperature saunas.
  • Great for skin, and with such valuable prices!
  • Most Jjimjilbang are open 24/7 and are very cheap. The one in Toronto, ON, only costs $20 per person and to stay as long as you’d like with all the uniforms and towels offered! (Travellers use it as a hostel sometimes too!)


    Shikhae and eggs. Photo by Instagram @haha_no.18

  • You can order delivery food (depending on the location), and you can find the best Shikhae [식혜] (Korean rice tea) and the best boiled eggs within the Jjimjilbang!
  • sheep-ear towels! (aka the Princess Leia)
  • The amazing Jjimjilbang uniforms! Usually colour-coded to blue for men and pink for women.
  • Great time and place for people to get pampered and share communal meals together!

Photo by homestaykorea.com

For more, information on Jjimjilbang, refer to ‘s post on Jjimjilbang.

Not so bad, right? Why not try an afternoon at Jjimjilbang with your friends? Easy first step to learn the Korean culture and get pampered!

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