Trending Sweets in Korea


One of the newest street sweets in Korea, it is a mix of Boong Uh Bbang (붕어빵) with ice cream, hence the name AH-Boong (아붕)  (Ice cream and Boong Uh Bbang. . Boong Uh Bbang is already a very popular street food in South Korea, a Gold Fish shaped bun stuffed with red beans, the gold fish can be enjoyed with tall scoops of ice cream and mountains of other sweets for toppings. It roughly only costs around $3 in Canadian dollars, so you if you are ever in the Hongdae area, check them out!

Address:  Ahbung, 365-19 Seogyo-dong Mapo-gu Seoul (Hongdae)


Monster Ice Cream (몬스타아이스크림)

If you love sweets, and lots of them too- Dessert Queen is the place to check out. Alot of interesting and amazing desserts to choose from, I recommend the Monster Ice Cream. A heap of rich, soft ice cream with various different toppings, it is a a dessert that is meant to be shared with the size comparable to a small christmas tree. Cost various from 3 to 6 six dollars which is very cheap compared to the size!

Address: Dessert Queen, 13 Myeongnyun 5-gil Deokjin-gu Jeonju

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Yogurt Smoothie Waffle (요거트스무디와플)

What if you can enjoy your favourite drink and food at the same time? Well, Waffle Mong has the perfect combination for you! Yogurt Smoothie Waffle from Waffle Mong tops one of my favourite foods in Korea. It consists of yogurt blended smoothies with waffles on top with various toppings. The smoothes can be enjoyed by itself but the ultimate experience is not complete without enjoying with the waffles. The costs are around 4 dollars.

Address: Waffle Mong, 82-2 Seongan-dong Sangdang-gu Cheongju

10375628_1382223722069258_318339838_a img_l

Comment down below your favourite Korean dessert or sweets or which one you would love to try!

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  1. They certainly look interesting. But so big they are almost scary! I have had the goldfish thing, freshly made, in Toronto (a woman was making them just inside the entrance of a large Korean grocery store). You could buy them with red-bean filling or with custard filling. I have bought the frozen ones in Korea and right here in Montreal.

    • I know 붕어빵 goldfish is one of the popular Korean winter snack and I hear that the person who made 아붕 ah-boong is to enjoy 붕어빵 in summer season too lol smart people!!!

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