Bigbang to Play Toronto’s Air Canada Centre in October


Called it! It’s official! Bigbang is coming to Toronto October 13th and tickets went on sale this morning and Toronto is now hosting one of the largest Kpop idol groups in Kpop history! The group will be playing at one of Toronto’s largest venues — The Air Canada Centre and tickets are still available as of right now! Given that the tickets of the Epik High concert scheduled for the end of this month sold out in a mere four hours back in April (though the Air Canada Centre is a much larger venue) I’d recommend not waiting too long if you’re on the fence.

Sadly once again I’m going to have to sit this one out as I am a poor jobless student and cannot justify the price of admission to witness this momentous event (which was around $100 minimum – at least those were the only tickets I could seem to get my hands on, I guess I’m just not an uber-fan). Indeed, one of the downside of bringing South Korean acts to Toronto is that they require accommodation, air-fare and all sorts of provisions so naturally the overheads are high, as are ticket prices (higher than they would be in South Korea at least).

Still, that this is happening at all is something worth celebrating and I can say with confidence that with the successes of both the Epik High and the Bigbang concerts, Canada, and specifically my city of Toronto has distinguished itself as a destination for South Korean acts and this is exciting! Why? Because this could easily open the floodgates for all sorts of interesting South Korean acts to come over and up to the great white north, for we have shown that there is, in fact, an audience here. Furthermore, this could also present those studying or simply possessing a keen interest Korean music, language and culture with potential career opportunities in the future (people like me, so I can actually afford to go to the next show). After all, someone needs to make sure these artists get over here and can perform without hindrance etc. We certainly live in interesting times!

If you are a fan of Bigbang and you somehow did not know this concert was happening I think you still may be able to get tickets at ticketmaster.ca as well as few other ticket re-salers. If you can afford it, go for it!

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