[Concert Experience] EPIK HIGH ‘SHOW MUST GO ON’

A normal day in March. I was scrolling through Facebook idly when:

I blinked. Did that say VANCOUVER? The Antarctica for Korean artists? Despite my non-korean origin, a disbelieving “heol” slipped out of my open mouth.

And in my head I imagined Tablo (bless his St. George’s/Vancouver era) convincing the staff to choose little insignificant us as one of the tour stops. Nothing else mattered. This (gestures wildly between me and the poster) was going to happen.

I bought my tickets right after a final. Turns out that was a good call as the tickets for May 31 – Vancouver sold out within seconds. (The exact number ranges from 7-30s). The fervent response eventually prompted a second date to be added for Vancouver.

Fast forward to May 31, and I was in battle mode. I had bought VIP tickets, which didn’t come with reserved seating. I headed to the Vogue Theatre at 2pm, ready to sit the line out. And yes, there were people already lined up for a 7pm concert. (Do you think this is a game?)


But it turns out they removed most of the seats on orchestra level. Were we passionate enough to brave the mob? Though initially yes, we quickly changed our mind once the girls realized they were vertically disadvantaged. We relegated to the rows with a perfect view and waited for the concert to begin.

And begin it did, with DJ Tukutz cuing the opening chords of “막을 올리며” sounding in the darkness. The lights swivelled and the crowd rose to its feet.

From there it was a blur. Tablo and Mithra joined Tukutz on the stage, and the three of them effortlessly filled the space with their charisma. It seemed as if the stage could barely contain them. The setlist switched between classics such as “Fan”, “Fly”, “Map the Soul”; recents to the tune of “Happen Ending”, “Rich”; short covers of “Light it Up”, “Fantastic Baby”; to selects jammers from the slightly controversial album 99 “New Beautiful”, “Kill This Love”. And by god, their rap was, if I may use a very teenage girl term, on point. They kindly gave my neck much-needed reprieves with their playful banter between sets, only to make my face ache from laughing at Tablo mistranslating Mithra at every turn.

Case in point:

Mithra: “I won’t be even thinking about shaving my beard until after this tour”

Tablo: “He says he would shave if he meets a cute girl, maybe even tonight.”

Halfway through the concert, my pedometer alerted that I have broken my all time step record, which now sits at 19656. I felt like I was doing the Grouse Grind and to be very honest I don’t have half the stamina needed for this. But how can I stop when every single song is my jam? I still owe my friend an apology because my cheering consisted of screeching at high pitches. (I’m a lot of fun at karaoke.)

Too soon, the concert ended and I was collapsing into my seat – but I stood back up and joined in the cheers for ENCORE that went on for an eternity. Just when I was about to give up, call it a day:

“***t, forgot about this song“.

MY HIGH IS EPIK. Thank you, EPIK HIGH, for making it an unforgettable night.

Were you a lucky high skooler that attended their concert? Let me know how your experience was in the comments!

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