A Look Into a Canadian Girl’s Life In Korea

Hello everyone! I am one of the bloggers here and my name is Dasha Sanchez. Nice to meet you~^^

I’ve written a few blog posts here before, maybe you’ve seen them. I’m currently living in Seoul and I’m usually quite busy with work or studying Korean. I work in an online media company and we make lots of videos. I want to introduce my Instagram page (@dariasanchez) to you – it is all about my Korean life! :) I usually write in English but sometimes in Korean, but you can always ask me what something means if you don’t know. If it’s interesting to you, please follow me and experience Korean life with me ^^  but be warned I post a lot of delicious food pictures… So you might get really hungry ;)One of the more recent videos my company and I made is “Foreigners Drinking ‘Sunhari’ For the First Time.” Another one is coming up, and it’s about trying weird Korean corner store foods. Here’s a sneak peek of me and my friend trying SILK WORM (번데기)!!! The video is not out yet… So SHHH… ;)Though I am quite busy, of course there is always time to stuff my face with Korean food! So yummy! Haha! The photo below is Kacheudong (카츠동). Actually this is Japanese food. It is breaded pork cutlet, rice, seaweed, and egg! I hope you enjoy following me and my adventures! ^_^

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  1. I hope you have a great time in Korea and my team are waiting for you in Ottawa. When you come back, let us know please.

  2. I was dared to eat silkworms In China. So I did. Needless to say, I did not eat very many of them. Probably made a similar face. I am jealous that you are working in Seoul! Not jealous about eating silkworms, though.

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