Aftermath of South Korean Ladies and FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015

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I have to say, I have been quite distraught since the South Korean ladies were knocked out of the tournament. Nevertheless, it was a pleasure welcoming our team to our nation of Canada. As an Ottawa resident, my first match that I watched was at Lansdowne Stadium, of course.


What a dramatic way to peak our heads into the Round of 16. The South Korean Ladies are in Knockout Stages for the first time. Many of our bloggers have written about this occasion, so please make sure to read up on these!
South Korea vs Spain recap!
The Match that Changed History and Me

FB_IMG_1437141877055This may have be the last game by South Korean Taeguk Ladies from the last minute tie-up by the Costa Rica strike force. With the match ending in 2-2, it was a very close and fun game to watch. Such intensity shown by the Korean Ladies in that game. Since the game did end in a tie, the only way for Korea to go to the Round of 16 was to win the game against Spain and for Brazil to either win or tie with Costa Rica.

The game against Spain was a tough one to face, as Spain is also a very strong nation in their football as you may know their past records. However, the Korean ladies overcame the Boquete shot at half-hour mark, by brilliant tenacity and a piece of “luck” as well, to end the game at 2-1. Come on, even the goal scorer said it was an overshot cross. Just quoting what she said, that’s all. :) The game ended in a very tense moment when the Spain free kick in the last minute hits the crossbar ending the game at 2-1.


Montreal Olympic Stadium (Stade Olympic)


After the game. South Korean Ladies bid farewell to the fans.

South Korea entered the knockout stages to the France game! I somehow got tickets for this game last-minute, and drove straight from church service to Montreal only couple hours before. When we got there, the Stade Olympique was actually only half-full but still close to the capacity of Ottawa Lansdowne Stadium. As the time passed, I noticed that the fans of the France team overpowered the South Korean fans. Only about 1/10 of the stadium was filled with Korean supporters. With the supporters shouting “Allez Les Gars”, overpowering the sound of “Daehanminguk!”, there was a sense of discouragement in the field. France team, used their stealth and length of the field to disrupt the midfield and the defense line. Even with our strong defense lead by #4 Shim, it was a very difficult game. 2 goals were added within the first 8 minutes of the game, and the players were distraught by the skills that lead to the goals. The game ended 0-3 and South Korean ladies did their best. Many of them could not resist crying after the game, and it feels like I, as well, have been in a hiatus ever since that game.

Although there was a sense of disappointment for the Korean team, the tournament still went on all over Canada, from East coast to West coast. The passion of the Canadians and travelling fans was never like before. As winners of the Round of 16, 8 teams were made further progress in the tournament. The games were more intense and close as the teams were more experienced and very competitive. Germany was matched with France and ended in a very close shootout for a Germany win. United States as the powerhouse they are, took the game against China. Japan, holding champions beat Australia in another close match. and lastly, England knocked out the tournament holding country, Canada which showed a lot of promise in this World Cup.

Semi finals continued to show the intensity and the desire for the cup. The match between FIFA Ranking 1st vs 2nd, United States beat Germany who won the U-20 Women’s World Cup back in 2010. Japan beat England 2 to 1 in a dramatic and devastating own goal.

With only FIFA World Cup Final to play, the third place went to England who beat Germany 1:0. England vs Germany is a game that always holds great value in the two teams and have a lot of history behind this rivalry. The Winner of the tournament and the cup goes to the United States of America who ranks as the 1st in the world in women’s soccer.

Final game of World Cup ended in a weird, and unusual fashion. It had many goals and Japanese ladies were overpowered by the strength and pace of the Americans ending the game at 5-2.

Although the ending of the FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015 ended, it brought the nation together stronger as a multicultural nation accepting all countries and their people into our land to enjoy and celebrate this time together.

Here are the awards:

Golden ball – Carly Lloyd (USA)
Golden Boot – Celia Sasic (GER)
Golden Glove – Hope Solo (USA)
Hyundai Young Player Award – Kadeisha Buchanan (CAN)
Fair Play Award – France

I believe soccer in America is growing and with the continuous improvement in MLS and NWSL as well, it is going to be a continuous upgrade, thanks to this wonderful World Cup experience made by our Canadian nation.

Thank you to all the players who worked so hard and showed their class throughout this World Cup. Please continue to support our local teams, in K-League and WK-League/MLS, and NWSL!

My K-League team has always been Suwon but for WK-League, I am struggling in which team to support between Incheon Hyundai Steel Red Angels and Goyang Daekyo Women’s Football Club.  Jeon Gaeul? or Shim Seoyeon… Such hard choices… Feel free to comment below for suggestions!

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