Free KPop Concert in Seoul!

Guess what? The Korea Tourism Organization has a super treat for all Foreigners living in Seoul: Free K Pop Concert! Here is the official post that was released from VisitKorea yesterday:

[K-Pop Event in Seoul]
Are you a fan of K-Pop and will be in Seoul on Tuesday, August 4th, 2015? KTO head office invites visitors to Korea to join ‘2015 Summer K-Pop Festival’~

Please PRINT this coupon and bring your passport to the ‘Foreigner Information Booth’ at Seoul City Hall Plaza by 6pm to get your entrance ticket. It’s first come first served.

Feel free to share this with your friends as it is open to all visitors. List of K-Pop stars will be announced on 23rd.

Eee that’s so exciting! I’m really jealous of everyone living in Korea right now.  Such a fun opportunity for everyone to enjoy some top notch K-Pop.

Here is the ticket you need to print, and bring to Seoul City Hall Plaza:


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