5 Brands of Fruit Soju You Must Try This Summer

Remember how bitter-sweet Korean staple alcohol soju is? This year, a cheerful series of sweet, fruit-flavoured Soju stole the hearts and consciousness of young Koreans all across the nation. While it’s not available in Toronto yet, make sure to try them out when visiting Korea.

1. Sun Hari [순하리]


Manufacturer: Lotte
Size: 360 ml
Alcohol 14%
Price: 1,100 won
Launched March of 2015, Sun Hari is the product that began the entire fruit-soju craze this summer.

Taste: Heavy citron scent, less citron flavor, but smooth, clean finish.

2. Goodday Color Series – Yellow, Blue, Red, Scarlet [좋은데이] 

Manufacturer: Mu Hak Size: 360 ml
Alcohol 13.5%
Price: 1,150 won
Yellow: Citron; Heavier and more bitter than Sunhari
Blue: Blueberry; Tastes like bubblegum
Red: Pomegranate; Sweet, light flavor
Scarlet: Grapefruit – sorry haven’t tried it yet

3. Jamong Ae iseul Grapefruit Soju [자몽에이슬] 


Manufacturer: Hite Jinro
Size: 360 ml
Alcohol 13%
Price: 1,650 won
Jinro is one of the most famous soju manufacturer, yet they were rather late in their entry into the fruit soju race. Regardless of their delayed product launch, Jamong Ae Iseul is very popular. This soju has more grapefruit nectar than C1 (0.1%).

Taste: Has the heaviest grapefruit flavour. Bitter-sweet with a fresh, clean finish – like a regular soju.

4. C1 Blue Grapefruit [C1블루자몽]


Manufacturer: Daesun Jujo
Size: 360 ml
Alcohol 14%
Price: 1,110 won

This soju is less popular in Seoul, but a bit hit in Busan and Gyung Nam area. Although it’s called “grapefruit” soju, it has more lemon nectar than grapefruit (0.18% and 0.04% respectively).

Taste: Very sweet – almost like fruit juice.

5. Komju [콤주] 


Manufacturer: Gook Sun Dang
Size: 300 ml
Alcohol 9.5%
Price: 1,850 won

Bit more pricey compared to other Fruit Soju. Takes like grapefruit vodka, but much milder. The differentiating factor of this Soju is that this, unlike all others, is a pasteurized alcohol (like rice wine) and includes ingredients like corn, white rice, and lemongrass.

Taste: You can barely taste the distinct soju taste. Tastes like warm gummy bears.

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