Enjoy a Drink From a Toilet at the Poop Cafe

The Poop Cafe is a popular themed cafe in Seoul.

또옹카페 (also known as Poop Cafe) is located in Seoul, South Korea and the theme of the cafe is poop. Apparently Asians have a different view of poop from Westerners. They see poop as something cute, playful, and funny, and the Poop Cafe can be described the same way. Customers can enjoy drinking a latte, cafe mocha, or cappuccino from a toilet mug, but make sure to request it or you’ll miss out. If you’re lucky, the barista will draw poop latte art to accommodate your drink.

A poop scone served with jam in a squat toilet side dish.

Poop bread is sold outside at a stand with red bean, chocolate and filling.

Poop bread is sold with red bean, chocolate and walnut filling.

If you’re hungry, you can order a poop scone that comes with jam served in a squat toilet side dish. If you’re more inclined to have your pastry without jam, there is a small vendor outside that sells poop shaped bread with red bean, walnut, or chocolate filling.

Customers wearing the poop plush pillows as hats.

Share a written note on a poop Post-it note.

Poop plush pillows are all around the cafe. They are meant for decoration, but customers can’t help but try them on as hats. You can also write a note on a poop Post-it note, and place it on the window to share with people passing by. People enjoy the Post-it notes so much that you can see them taking photographs outside of the cafe.

Customers can drink from a toilet mug. Make sure to request it!

If you’re wondering how everything tastes, reviews of the drinks and food have been very positive. Therefore if you’re ever in the Insadong district and want to do something out of the ordinary, you can always drink from a toilet, and have some poop shaped food. Bon Appétit!

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