Paleo Kimbap

A few months ago, our family started eating (mostly) Paleo.  Which means, no dairy, grains, or processed food. That includes rice. Ah! My husband still eats like a regular typical human, but I try to adhere as well as I can to the plan.  My mom suffers from a pretty severe autoimmune disorder, so this change came about in support of helping her to heal her body.

Now.  You may be thinking “How on Earth can you eat Korean food without rice?!” No fear! There’s a solution! Enter: Cauliflower Rice.  It sounds gross, I know, but trust me, it’s not.  Usually I cook up the cauliflower rice, mix with gouchjang, sesame oil, dried kim, and a fried egg.  It tastes SO good, like normal egg rice, I could eat it every single day.

For a change, I asked hubby if we could try cauliflower rice kimbap.  Being our first time attempting, it was a bit funny, but my mom really appreciated the chance to eat kimbap again, and I snuck a few pieces of brown rice kimbap for myself.

So~ here’s how you do it:

What you will need:

  • A head of cauliflower
  • Two or three large carrots
  • 6 hot dogs (Or any type of ham. Our 4 year old is obsessed with hot dogs)
  • 4 Eggs
  • Kimbap set: Yellow pickled radish (단무지) and burdock root (우엉) (Can you get it at any Korean mart)
  • Dried seaweed sheets for rolling

Note: You can use whatever you want! This is just what we typically stuff ours with.

We started off making the cauliflower rice.  You can use a cheese grater but it takes forever. I just stuffed the pieces of cauliflower into the shredding option of the food processor, and out came the cauliflower rice! Next, you need to cook it. On med-high heat, cook on a frying pan, with a bit of oil and salt, until the texture is ricey. Like 5 minutes or so. Set it aside.


Now prepare your “insides”. The guts of the kimbap. Mmm appetizing. Cut carrots into very thin little strips about three inches in length, and fry on the pan with a bit of oil and salt.  Cut hotdogs into 4 pieces (the long way) each, and fry up. Cook each egg into a think large sheet, and cut into thin strips.  The veggies from the kimbap set, are all set, no need to prepare.

11908060_10152844082660834_500489642_n 11903334_10152844082855834_1182856093_n

Lay out one piece of dried seaweed sheet. Place some “rice on the sheet, and smooth out, leaving about an inch on the edge bare.The rice shouldn’t be too thick, just enough to cover nicely.


Assemble all of your innards in a little pile, about 2 inches from the beginning of the sheet of seaweed (See pic!)


With a sushi rolling mat (if you have one), slowly begin rolling your kimbap, until it is completely rolled up.  Take a bit of water and pat at the end of the sheet as “glue”.  With regular rice, the rice itself acts as the “glue” but cauliflower doesn’t stick as well. Also, the cauliflower will be more squishy than regular rice, so take care when rolling.


Once your roll is nice and tight, take a sharp serrated knife, and prepare by coating it in sesame oil.  Before cutting, also rub sesame oil over the entire kimbap to soften it up.  Cut into bite sized piece about one inch thick.  As you can see the rolls turned out a bit loose.  I think next time, I would try to get the cauliflower to be a bit stiffer, and maybe add less “rice” to the roll. Here’s a picture of the cauliflower rolls compared to the brown rice rolls we made at the same time:


Next step: Eat it all up!


So the verdict? I still, of course, prefer real kimbap, but since we have made a commitment to the Paleo life style, I can absolutely compromise and eat up this delicious concoction.

Let me know if you eat Paleo, I’d love to hear your favourite recipes!

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  1. Thank you so much for the recipe!! I haven’t made kimbap yet, but I think I will try it with cauliflower first:)

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