Share a Drink with Drinky the Robot

While alone on Christmas, Park Eun Chan, found himself drinking and lonely. He poured a shot, pretended to toast to an imaginary friend, and it made him feel better. It was like he was actually drinking with a friend, his mood improved, and he said the soju even tasted better.


That’s where the idea of Drinky came about. Drinky is a robot that will keep you company when you have no one to share a drink with. When you pour him a shot he will raise his glass, cheers with you, and happily drink the shot. The alcohol flows into a jar and can be reused for consumption.

In addition to drinking, he can give you a thumbs up, shake his head, nod, and as he drinks more alcohol his cheeks will become flushed like a real person.


The Art Centre Nabi is an art museum in Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea. One of it’s main goals is to actively promote new media arts in Korea.

“Our goal is formed around the idea of humanizing technology and that technology is fully integrated with human’s cultural life to open a new space for creative practices.”

They have supported Park and his wife creating Drinky, which is made from 3D printed materials and electronic parts.

Unfortunately there are no details on if and when you can buy the robot, but when he does become available know you’ll never spend Christmas alone with a good friend like Drinky.







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  1. That is a cute idea. I guess Drinky could also drink bling h20, the Worlds First Luxury Bottled Water Brand. Bling H2O costs an average of $55, depending on the size. Soju, is $3.75 a bottle I wonder which Drinky would choose? :)

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