Conan O’Brien in Korea


In February, Conan O’Brien announced that he would be travelling to South Korea to meet his fans. Conan planned to visit Korea, when his number one Korean fan named Sunny Lee sent him a letter and a box of Korean snacks instead of studying for her 수능 (College Scholastic Ability Test), which is a Korean version of SAT.

During his recent trip to Korea, Conan O’Brien went on an epic adventure featuring food, Samuel the octopus, taekwondo, K-pop, soap opera, video games, Buddhist temple, Korean lessons and the Demilitarized Zone. He filmed a special episode of Conan, which aired on TBS over the weekend. Conan was joined in this adventure by Korean-American actor and The Walking Dead’s star, Steven Yeun.


Conan was welcomed by hundreds and thousands of fans at the Incheon International Airport. Aaron Bleyaert, Conan’s clueless gamer was welcomed by hundreds of fans chanting “Aaron! Aaron!”. Their superstar arrival to the country made some of the Korean news as well.

Conan made an attempt to learn Korean, but it got hilariously weird and awkward real fast. From the start, Conan had hard time pronouncing his instructor’s name, Jin Shil. He also tried to figure out the appropriate amount of eye contact to make. Jin Shil continuously exclaimed that Conan was weird and dirty.


He also visited local street markets to buy food for the day, but ended up buying an octopus. Conan named the octopus Samuel, and wanted to take him to California. After realizing that he can’t unless he breaks a few laws, he brought Samuel to Coex Aquarium, asking them to raise him well. Samuel was later known to be a female, which definitely shocked Conan.


Conan also made his acting debut in Korean drama, featuring as a cameo in the drama “One More Happy Ending (한번 더 해피엔딩)”. Filming the soap opera scene, Conan ran into difficulties with pronouncing the lines properly, making his co-star Jang Na Ra to laugh constantly. He also visited a gaming café in Seoul, playing StarCraft and trying some of Korea’s finest chips and silkworm snacks.

The late-night host had the opportunity to train with Master Sung at Kukkiwon (국기원), the World Taekwondo Headquarters as well. We are so sure that with just a bit more of practice, Conan will be earning his black belt in no time. He also ate traditional Korean foods with Steven Yeun, cleaned snows at the Buddhist temple called Bongeunsa (봉은사) and went to the Demilitarized Zone.



Conan even got to show off some of his dance moves with Steven Yeun. According to Conan, he didn’t wanted to leave before making his mark on one of Korea’s biggest exports; and he did so by featuring in a K-pop music video of J.Y. Park’s new single Fire.


Check out Conan’s full adventure #ConanKorea here: http://teamcoco.com/korea

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  1. Hi it’s Mari from LA. And i remember that i watched this TV show and very funny and i love Yeun Sang Yeop, very cute and will be looking forward to seeing him more often in Hollywood film near soon! Well Sunminn0925, thank you for sharing the great article and enjoyed very much! Please keep up with your hard work and i will sometimes come back to check your new article! Take care!

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