Five K-Beauty Bloggers to Follow


  1. Jeniffer Kim aka meejmuse

This Aussie-Korean vlogger has a love for all things beauty. Besides popular make-up tutorials, such as her Taeyeon Day-to-Night Makeup, and her Go-To Korean Look, check out her Seoul street interviews on culture and lifestyle, like What Koreans Really Think of Plastic Surgery.

2. Charlotte Cho aka Sokoglam

Charlotte is the co-founder of Soko Glam, a popular website that helps people discover Korean cosmetics, beauty trends, and skin care routines. She’ll show you how to adopt the 10-Step Korean Skin Care and the double cleanse technique into your routine. For more beauty tips, check out THE KLOG, or read her book, The Little Book of Skin Care: Korean Beauty Secrets for Healthy, Glowing Skin.

3. So Young’s Beauty Room

So Young gets her inspiration from daring and creative K-pop stars who experiment with colours and bold looks. She translates these looks into everyday, wearable, and approachable tutorials that anyone can try. Check out her fun k-pop makeup tutorials, like the Hyuna A+ Look, Brown Eyed Girls’ Miryo Inspired Lookand Girl’s Day Hyeri Makeup.



4. Hyemin Park aka PONY Makeup

Besides being CL’s makeup artist, Hyemin Park has her own makeup line, 1.9 million followers on instagram, and make-up book publications. This internet celebrity and Korea’s leading beauty vlogger will teach you how to achieve a Dreamy Spring look, transform into Taylor Swift, and get ready with simple makeup for class.


5. Beautifymeeh 

Complete with haul videos, detailed product reviews, and tutorials, you can learn all about k-beauty from this seasoned beauty vlogger. Her popular videos include 12 Simple and Quick Hairstylesand Cushion Foundation Reviews.



Any other k-beauty gurus to add to this list? Comment below!

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