Sweet K-Drama “Another Oh Hae-Young”

If you are looking for a SWEET, FUN and ROMANTIC K-drama, there is a perfect answer.

“Another Oh Hae-young”

PosterThis K-drama is newly beginning from May 2nd, 2016, and it is about two women with a same name (Oh Hae-young) and a man who can see future (Park Do-kyung).

3 Main Characters 

Park Eric Mun as Do-kyung Park

Do-kyung is 36 years old and works as a sound director.

Just oh Hyun-jin Seo as Oh Hae-young (Just)

Hae-young is a 32-year-old single woman and works in food catering department

Pretty ohHae-bin Jeon as Oh Hae-young (Pretty)

Hae-young is 32 years old and talented team leader in the food catering department.

JUST Oh Hae-young vs PRETTY Oh Hae-young


There were two Oh Hae-young in the same classroom at high school, and the classmates called JUST Oh Hae-young and PRETTY Oh Hae-young in order to distinguish those two. However, JUST Oh Hae-young was always compared to another Oh Hae-young who is pretty, smart and popular during high school years, so she got a traumatic memory of PRETTY Oh Hae-young. After graduation, they hadn’t met for 12 years, but PRETTY Oh Hae-young comes as a new team leader in the same department where JUST Oh hae-young works.

Two Oh Hae-young & One man! There will be completely unplanned relationships.

Interesting Points to Watch

1. Importance of Naming

JUST Oh Hae-young was dumped by her boyfriend a day before her wedding day, and even failed to gain promotion in her work. JUST Oh Hae-young’s life seems endless challenges, but she won’t give up. In addition, after 12 years since high school, JUST Oh Hae-young and PRETTY Oh Hae-young meet again with one same man. Who is going to be a winner?

2. The Ability to See Future

One day, Do-kyung got the ability to see future, and he realizes that his future will often be related to JUST Oh Hae-young. The more he tries to avoid meeting Hae-young, the more his mind gets closer to her. Why?

3. Living in Different Rooms but under the Same Roof

Moving in_Oh

Accidentally, JUST Oh Hae-young moves in the next door Do-kyung’s place. However, it used to Do-kyung’s hidden storage room, so there is a little door led to each other’s rooms. They are getting more curious and more attentions about each other.




Part 2 “Another Oh Hae-young” is coming SOON!

– What are they eating in this drama?

– Let’s try to make a Korean dish at home





Another Oh Hae-Young Website <http://program.interest.me/tvn/againoh&gt;

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