Want to Learn Korean? KLT(Korean Language Table)

Every year, many international students from all over the world decide to fly over to Korea to study the language in many different ways. Some people  would attend 어학당 (Korean Language Institute) and some people might just go on a long trip, travelling all over the places in Korea and getting used to the language throughout their trip.



However, despite being so passionate in learning Korean, NOT everyone gets to go to Korea maybe because of the financial issues or because they are busy with their own studying at schools.

To provide such passionate students a better learning environment, UNIK(U and I Korea) has offered the free Korean learning program called KLT(Korean Language Table) in 2014.


Of course, KLT had to start from the bottom as a small program with less than 10 students and only a few tutors to volunteer.

But with all the students who were not shy to show their desire to learn Korean and the tutors who would step forward to teach those students, KLT has become one of the largest Korean education programs in Vancouver within the last 3 years, receiving more than 120 applications to study at the program!

Here’s how the program runs:

  1. Every student takes a level test designed by the program executives.
  2. Once their level is confirmed, they will be then get paired up with a tutor and sometimes(not always) a partner student.
  3. They would meet up in our classroom every Thursday between 5PM and 7:30PM to get tutored.

Tutors are mostly the Korean exchange students, international students, and Korean-Canadian students. But of course, as long as the tutor can speak Korean that they can teach the students, it does not matter where they are from and they do NOT have to be Korean. Like Alex!(in the photo below)


Note: Alex joined me on air(for K-POP CAFE) and I will blog on this soon with the podcast! Stay Tuned!







If you want to learn Korean but cannot go to Korea to learn it, there are still many ways to do so nowadays.

There are tons of sources(on the internet, books, etc) that you could use to self-study.

But at the same time, please do not forget the fact that there are many people out there who can speak Korean and can help you learn it, like KLT!


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  1. I live in a small town in BC, and would love to learn Korean. What resources are available via Internet that you could recommend?

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