Dumbfoundead Keeps His Word

Dumbfoundead by Sarah Llewelyn

Hip-hop legend Dumbfoundead (actual name Jonathan Park) played to an enthusiastic crowd on June 27th at his regular haunt The MOD Club in Toronto. This came after his original Toronto show was postponed due to illness. He could have cancelled the show completely, but he showed up. This would be the final stop on his 31-stop North American Yikes! Tour.

Year of The Ox by Sarah Llewelyn

Dumbfoundead was flanked by Year of the Ox and DJ Zo; proven to be a winning combination. Dumbfoundead and YOX have toured together for ten years now, more like brothers than marquee mates.

DJ Zo by Sarah Llewelyn

DJ Zo opened with a stacked set, sampling Da Rude and Bernard Hermann. Year Of The Ox (LA rappers Lyricks and JL) followed, delivering high-octane fan favourites (“Seven Rings” always tears it up).

Photo by Sarah Llewelyn

It’s been a banner year for LA-based Dumbfoundead and YOX, with the release of Bad Rap on Netflix earlier this year. The documentary shed light on Asian American rappers making their way in a genre that often has them situated on the periphery. Dumbfoundead and YOX’s Lyricks (actual name Rick Lee) featured heavily. Lyricks himself was born and raised in Virginia.

Lyricks by Sarah Llewelyn

Their music is layers of cultural history (Korean and American), humor, bare honesty about the realities of life and love. A loyal fan base has grown over the years in large part due to Dumbfoundead’s dedication to being authentically himself: equal parts nerdy, street, and heartfelt.




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