The Superstars of Kpop Self-Cam MVs

High-quality production is a hallmark of Kpop MVs, but what happens when idols are allowed to film their own videos? Instead of using a team of professionals and a carefully thought-out concept, members are given a couple of cameras and set free to put together a video however they see fit – and the results are often hilarious and unexpected.

These spontaneous videos can show a completely different side of your favorite groups. Whether they are playful, creative, or surprisingly well-composed, self-cams are full of heart and perfect for bringing a smile to your face.

Here are five groups that excel at self-cam MVs, and a number of other self-cams that deserve recognition!


In a group with so many members, it’s rare to see even line distribution, and sometimes this means that you see very little of your bias in the title track MVs. Thankfully, the various NCT units pass the camera around freely in their self-cams, so you can enjoy each member equally – along with cute interactions between them.

Recommended self-cams: Angel (NCT 127), Heartbreaker (NCT 127), Dunk Shot (NCT Dream), Let Me Love U (WayV)


Filming your own MV could feel like a burden for groups with busy schedules, but it’s obvious that SF9 takes great joy in showing a more personal side of themselves. Their “Special Music Videos” are dedicated to their fandom, Fantasy, and with so many sweet and sincere interactions from the members you can feel that each video is made just for you.

Recommended self-cams: Hide & Seek, Let’s Hang Out, Together


Astro is a group that jumps right into self-cam MVs, with members appointing themselves roles such as “Director” and “Producer” for each video and then brainstorming how best to represent the song. This enthusiasm translates into passionate acting and a lot of laughter as they carry out their personally designed ideas.

Recommended self-cams: 1 In A Million, Call Out, You & Me

Stray Kids

If you’re a Stray Kids fan you will know that they release MVs for the majority of their songs, including their infamous “Street Version” self-cams. Bursting with personality, these videos are shot all over the world in places like Australia, Thailand, and New York, and in true Stray Kids fashion, they focus on famous landmarks and silly dancing in equal amounts.

Recommended self-cams: N/S, Insomnia, Boxer, Rock, Mixtape #4

Monsta X

Since the early days of their career, Monsta X has led the way in self-cam MVs, shooting one for almost every album they release. These videos have everything you could want in a self-cam: individual and partner shots, zooms, play-acting, varied sets, and above all, fun. They also do an excellent job of featuring the song itself by singing, rapping, and dancing for the majority of the time – whether for their own parts, or each other’s.

Recommended self-cams: Tropical Night, Gone Bad, Unfair Love, Perfect Girl, Need U, Special

Memorable Self-Cam MVs

Although these groups may not do self-cams as frequently or seriously as others, they still have some amazing self-MVs among them. Here are my personal highlights!

ONEUS – Eye Contact

With a song called “Eye Contact”, a self-filmed MV was the perfect choice for ONEUS to show their adorable and charming sides while looking right into the camera.

Seventeen – Holiday

Not only is this friendly vacation video self-filmed, it is also fully directed by Hip-Hop Team member Wonwoo, making this a 100% Seventeen-led initiative.

TXT – Our Summer

TXT took advantage of their time in the U.S. to shoot this bright and refreshing “selfie” MV that celebrates both youth and happy summer days.

GOT7 – Let Me

During their show “Hard Carry”, GOT7 revisited some of their songs in a series of hilarious and mischievous self-cam MVs with themes like suits, Halloween, or camping.

The Boyz – D.D.D

Although D.D.D also has an official MV, The Boyz decided to take a more personal tour of New York in this special self-cam where they split into groups and took to the streets.

N. Flying – Spring Memories

This vertical video gave N. Flying band members the chance to show off their individuality outside of their usual roles by having them film spring-filled “selfie” cams.

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