10 Kpop MVs That Are Perfect for Halloween

Tomorrow is trick-or-treat day, and whether you’re heading out or staying at home, there are a host of Kpop MVs to get you in the spooky mood. From fanciful to suspenseful to eerie, here are ten Kpop MVs to check out before Halloween!

RBB (Really Bad Boy) – Red Velvet

If you’re a fan of old horror films with black and white graphics and low budgets, RBB is the perfect pick for you. Here, Red Velvet has a great time with shadows and props as they jump into a classic Hollywood set, complete with a costumed werewolf and a giant set of jaws.

Tag Tag Tag – VERIVERY

In Tag Tag Tag, the boys of VERIVERY find an abandoned house that has fallen into disrepair and decide to play some games inside. Watch as they soon find out, however, that they are not the only ones there – there is something hidden in the dark.

Jackpot – Block B

Leave it to Block B to take an old-fashioned idea – the creepy carnival – and turn it into their own quirky adventure. Jackpot may start with scary clowns, but it quickly progresses through numerous costume changes and a makeover before ending in a grand finale.

You In Me – KARD

This MV may not seem spooky at first glance, but the key to You In Me is to let yourself be drawn into the story. KARD delivers a tale of two couples, but things aren’t quite right between them, and the reveal has the chilling feel of a good thriller.

Married To The Music – SHINee

Married To The Music places the members of SHINee at a Halloween party that is both whimsical and worrisome, hosted by an anonymous figure. When SHINee starts to have a little too much fun, things go awry, and important items are lost.

Chase Me – Dreamcatcher

Beginning in Chase Me and continued in Good Night, the Dreamcatcher members form a mysterious society that is being investigated by a lead character. With disappearing figures, mirrors, rituals, and other unnatural occurrences throughout, they create an intriguing case.

Full Moon – Sunmi

Sunmi perfectly embodies an alluring but otherworldly vampire in the snowy world of Full Moon. We first see her through the eyes of a mortal she encounters, and then follow along as she keeps close watch until he succumbs to his inevitable fate.

ANTI – ZICO (feat. G. Soul)

ANTI is a bit like an unsettling dream, where Zico finds himself riding in a car along a dark road and then in a house aflame. Full of imagery and symbolism, this MV encompasses diverse elements, going from a supernatural drama to a psychedelic self-reflection and back again.


TWICE fully embraces Halloween concepts of every kind, from zombies (Like OOH-AHH) to fortune-tellers (YES or YES) and everything in between. If you need a costume idea, TT could be the ideal inspiration, as each member gets to adopt a different persona to greet children as they trick-or-treat.


As masters of fantastical themes, VIXX members excel at portraying whatever role they are given. Although MVs like Hyde and Fantasy have Halloween vibes, if you are looking for the truly frightening you will find it in VOODOO DOLL, where a twisted character creates real-life dolls to control.

(Note: this MV contains mature content.)

Honorable Mentions

There are many more Kpop MVs that suit Halloween that I didn’t have a chance to include, so if you want to keep enjoying the trend then here are a few more to check out:

Thriller – BTOB
Turn It On – LABOUM
Black or White – CROSS GENE (note: this MV contains mature content)
Wolf Baby – TRCNG
Lovey-Dovey – T-ara
I’ll Be There – Taeyang

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