10 Kpop Songs to Encourage You in Difficult Times

As we find ourselves in the midst of an unprecedented global crisis, it’s natural that many people are feeling scared or discouraged. Music is one of my main sources of comfort in hard times, so today I’d like to share some songs that I hope can lift your spirits and give you strength in the days ahead.

That’s Okay (괜찮아도 괜찮아) – D.O.

D.O.’s That’s Okay is a gentle reminder that life is full of good days and bad days, and that all of your experiences become memories that you can cherish later on. It also affirms that it’s okay to sincerely express your emotions and be yourself.

Sometimes, I cried, sometimes, I laughed / I was hopeful, I was in pain / My heart fluttered, my heart numbed / I followed my heart, just as it is

I’m here for you (괜찮아요) – X1

The members of X1 created this song for fans to provide a balm for their hurts and emphasize that they aren’t alone. I’m here for you acknowledges the struggles you might have while also providing words of consolation, companionship, and hope.

It’s okay I always wanted to tell you this / You’re doing a great job, you’re growing / No need to worry, I’ll be here for you Good night

Hug (포옹) – Seventeen

This simple song carries a heartfelt message of solidarity between those who are silently suffering. Hug was written by Seventeen’s vocal team leader, Woozi, and is ideal for anyone who needs to know that there are others who understand.

Don’t be sorry, don’t worry / Don’t be scared, now don’t cry / To me you are very precious / You can tell me today was tough

Keep Going – VOISPER

VOISPER’s beautiful ballads are incredibly calming to listen to, and this is one of their best. Keep Going centres on the idea that you can keep moving forward despite any obstacles with the support of loved ones, and that sometimes just their presence is enough to help.

Even if I can’t comfort you / I’ll just walk with you on this path / Keep going going go this way / So your path won’t be dark / I’ll be your light

Imagine – KEY

This all-English track from KEY’s solo album celebrates the “magic” of love and how it can transform life into something spectacular. Imagine tells us that even in the face of our daily worries we can look for the good and feel the joy of our existence.

I feel magic, even when I’m tired and overwhelmed / Just imagine, every heart in all the world / Pulling me right-side-up / Find a way to see through all this madness / I feel magic

Dreams Come True – NCT 127

At first glance, Dreams Come True seems to offer a naïve promise – “dreams come true, life is beautiful”. A closer perusal of the lyrics reveals that this bright NCT 127 song is all about appreciating how far you’ve come and using that to motivate you towards the future.

Don’t get scared before you try / Don’t blame yourself for your imperfections / Think about happy things everyday / The most important thing is, you have to believe in yourself

Lights Out – EXO

This soft song, written by Chen, is perfect for soothing a troubled mind or quieting an anxious heart. In Lights Out EXO advises you to be kind to yourself even if you are feeling down, because each new day can bring you closer to overcoming your problems.

Now you’re not alone / Don’t feel lonely anymore / Morning will come again / So you can peacefully smile

End of a Day – Jonghyun

Jonghyun composed so many lovely and poetic songs, and End of a Day is one of my favorites. For those who have to go up against great challenges or those who face long days full of exertion, hearing “You did a good job today” can be a great comfort.

I can’t cry all I want or even laugh all I want / At the end of a tiring day but still, if I’m next to you / Like a child, I can whine and then laugh

3 Things – EDEN

Although the people around us can provide help or harm, sometimes how we treat ourselves can be even more important. In 3 Things, EDEN points out that we are often too hard on ourselves and outlines some ways to turn things around.

One never worry about that / Worry about that has never happened / Two should you care yourself / Care yourself no matter what people say / Three have a faith / Have a faith in you it’s gonna be alright

P.O.P (Piece of Peace), Pt. 1 – J-HOPE

Today’s world is full of uncertainty, and many people are facing stressful situations, but I believe that is even more reason for us to reach out to each other. In Piece of Peace, J-HOPE gives us a wonderful template for spreading hope to those who need it.

I want to help / I used to be like them, someone with passion / Make dreams brighter, get rid of the nightmares / Peace will be right there

Lyrics courtesy of https://colorcodedlyrics.com/, https://genius.com/, https://lyricskpop.net/, and https://klyrics.net/.

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