Kpop MVs to Inspire You to Stay at Home

Whether you’re still in lockdown or starting to get back to the outside world, 2020 has brought us a new appreciation for staying home. Although it’s easier for some than others – hello, fellow introverts! – being at home can be a wonderful change from the everyday if you embrace it.

I often talk about the diverse concepts and themes represented in Kpop MVs, and today I want to show you how easy it is to find inspiration for spending your time in the house from your favorite artists. Here are some ways that you can make the most of our new social dynamic and enjoy some great songs at the same time.

Fun Activities & New Hobbies

Many people are finding that extra time at home gives them a chance to try out new things, or go deeper into the hobbies and interests they already had. ASTRO takes full advantage of this idea in their Baby MV, where each member pursues his own ideal activity, from cooking to breakdancing. In Keeper, The Boyz embark on an adventure in model plane building, learning a lot along the way. For Wanna One, simply goofing around together with games, snacks, and arm wrestling is enough to keep them entertained in their Spring Breeze video, while the members of DONGKIZ go for classic fun with dominoes, comic books, and a good old-fashioned pajama party for All I Need is You. Sunmi takes to social media to express her creativity in Noir, where she makes a statement about the difference between perception and reality. And while the members of N. Flying are relaxing at home, they also find themselves the stars of every channel on TV in the hilarious video for Oh Really.

Using Your Imagination

If you’re feeling trapped or limited by not being able to go out, or if you’re lamenting your lost vacation and travel plans, it might be time to tap into your inner child and imagine yourself in a different place. For FTISLAND, traveling around the world is as simple as jumping into a mysterious hole in the floor in God Bless You – but they get a little more than they bargained for. Lee Hi goes for a much more familiar path through the wardrobe in No One, and later attends a masquerade party with an unusual twist. The protagonist of CNBLUE’s Love Girl goes from enjoying her favorite band’s songs to having them right there with her in a dream come true. For Jinu in Call Anytime, some inner reflection involves an elaborate group of experts and analysts to help him figure out his feelings. Finally, WayV proves that imagination has no limits as they work together to travel all the way to outer space in Dream Launch.

Quality Time with Your Loved Ones

Many of us live with our families, significant others, friends, or roommates, which means we’re spending a lot more time together than usual… so why not take advantage of it? Although the members of GFRIEND are pining for summer in Sunny Summer, they find plenty of excitement at home with karaoke, fruity drinks, and sparklers. For TXT, the party goes up a notch when a tremendous food fight breaks out in Can’t You See Me?, while Lovelyz initiates a game of hide-and-seek in Ah-Choo. In Like We Used To, The Rose members show off their close friendship through music and games, laughing and playing together. WOODZ’s Different is a window into a quieter, more intimate time between a couple, while Hangyul and Dohyon (H&D) try to get to sleep – with mixed results – in Good Night. When the thirteen members of Seventeen get together for a sleepover in Oh My!, creativity and mischief keep things lighthearted and fun.

Enjoying Alone Time

If you live alone or spend a lot of time by yourself, this extended stay at home might feel a little isolated, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a positive experience! The members of SuperM created a special MV for their song With You to encourage you in your personal hobbies, from drawing to working out to customizing your clothing or accessories. If you’re an introvert, you might relate to Yoo Seonho in Maybe Spring as he whiles away time gardening, daydreaming, and lounging on the couch. If not, you can try IU’s approach, as she exchanges parcels and flowers with a mysterious penpal and takes to her bicycle to escape the house in Blueming. For Taeyeon’s Happy, being at home is a chance for her to clean the house and go through old mementos, but she makes sure to connect with others on the phone and through a video call. And for the ultimate confidence in solo living, check out MAX in Me, Myself, & I as he celebrates the single life with joie de vivre.

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