26 Kpop Songs to Spice Up Your Summer

Summer is in full swing and although we can’t necessarily do everything we’re used to, we can still enjoy the warmest season with sunglasses, cool drinks, and picnics on the front lawn. For the perfect BGM to your sunny summer escapades, look no further than these 26 Kpop songs!

Each song has its own summery charm to keep your days bright and your outlook positive! I’ve kept to 2020 releases for this list (or else I’d have way too many options to choose from), so please enjoy these current favorites.

1. Waves – Kang Daniel ft. Simon Dominic & Jamie

With a strong dance beat and pair of great feature artists, this new track from Kang Daniel is just right for a summer party – even if it’s just you and your dog in the backyard.

2. Love Me Harder – WOODZ

From the very first whistle, WOODZ’s Love Me Harder is an addictive tune that you’ll be more than happy to get stuck in your head.

3. Filter – BTS (Jimin)

Although all of Map of the Soul : 7 is a great listen, I particularly like Jimin’s solo Filter, which is bubbly and enticing simultaneously.

4. Butterfly – WJSN

WJSN’s Butterfly is light and airy, making it a great accompaniment for a little daydreaming or cloud-gazing out your window.

5. Karma – Demian

This dreamy second single from singer-songwriter Demian is a treat to listen to – smooth, sweet, and a little sad.

6. Love me or Leave me – DAY6

DAY6 dials up the rock vibes in Love me or Leave me with extraordinary results; you can enjoy the build-up and then head-bang to the chorus.

7. Dumhdurum – Apink

Apink’s Dumhdurum is a mix of modern and retro sensibilities that fits this year’s Kpop music trend spot-on and inspires some serious toe-tapping.

8. Thinking of You – Henry

Although Henry tends to put out a lot of ballads he can also deliver a great upbeat song like this beachy track, with bonus violin to add a finishing touch.

9. GLOW – 1THE9

1THE9 may be a youthful group, but GLOW – along with the rest of their final EP – brings a mature sound that shows great promise for the future.

10. Wing – Park Jihoon

The underlying hook of Wing will nab you right away; I recommend it as a soundtrack for driving, no matter how long or short the journey.

11. pporappippam – Sunmi

Another song that embraces the retro style, pporappippam still manages to be classic Sunmi – confident and charming.

12. Salty – The Boyz

Though they’ve come to be known for their fierce performances through Road to Kingdom, The Boyz show their playful side in this B-side from their latest album.

13. More & More – TWICE

Powerhouse idols TWICE put out this beautiful MV to start the summer off right, and the mesmerizing chorus is enough to keep it on your list through August too.

14. Summer Breeze – SF9

Summer Breeze borrows motifs from old westerns without falling into any pitfalls; this song is vibrant and easy to listen to again and again.

15. Now or Never – APRIL

APRIL’s brand-new single Now or Never can bring a cheerful joy to any day, whether you’re working, stuck cleaning, or out having fun.

16. angel – OnlyOneOf

Even if you can’t make it to a summer destination, OnlyOneOf’s angel is the kind of song that feels like a vacation – refreshing and cool.

17. Stay Tonight – Chungha

Stay Tonight is ideal for late-night dance parties, when the heat is keeping you awake and you need to relieve some tension.

18. Maria – Hwasa

Combining Latin influence and Hwasa’s commanding vocal presence, Maria is a gem from a stellar solo album by this Kpop leading lady.

19. Win (Korean version) – CIX

This anime OST brings out a softer side of CIX, yet maintains their exceptional signature sound that always seems like that of a more senior group.

20. Cloud 9 – Cravity

Let this playful MV carry you back to your childhood and inspire you to see the world as you once did – full of hope and imagination.

21. Summer Hate – ZICO ft. Rain

This is the perfect song for anyone who just can’t stand summer – the heat, humidity, sunburns, and bugs – to cry out as they stick their head in the freezer.

22. Boom – LAY

Boom’s tropical flavor makes it an island floating amidst Lay’s other (incredible, but different-toned) 2020 releases, but it’s absolutely spot-on for any summer adventure.

23. How You Like That – BLACKPINK

BLACKPINK’s long-awaited comeback adds another fiery track to their discography, and gives us Kpop fans another anthem to chant as loudly as possible in any setting.

24. Lazy Me – Sandeul

For those mornings (or afternoons, or evenings) where you don’t want to do anything at all, let Lazy Me serenade you into a beautiful, sleepy state of relaxation.

25. My My – Seventeen

Seventeen always seems to create just the right song to complement our daily lives, and once again My My has that special spark.

26. Nonstop – Oh My Girl

Oh My Girl’s Nonstop has everything that makes Kpop so beloved – mixed musical genres, a catchy hook, and a fresh new sound.

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