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I love reading and writing. I'm pretty different. I'm open-minded and I think a lot. I love Korean things!
저는 글쓰기랑 독서 아주 많이 좋아하고 저는 생각을 많이 하는 사람이에요.
저는 한국어를 배운지 3년쯤 되었는데 제 한국어 실력이 아직 부족해요. 그래서 지금까지도 계속 열심히 공부하고 있거든요. 미래에 한국말 유창하게 할 수 있게 되길 바래요.

Back to School!

    Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve written, I’m sorry about that! Summer is supposed to be a break, that’s why it’s called “summer vacation”, right? Well, for me it’s not really a vacation, it’s more a do-everything-you-couldn’t-do-during-the-school-year-because-you-were-too-busy-with-exams-and-assignments “vacation”.   I hope everyone had a […]

Hurricane – B.A.P

Hey guys, guess what?!   B.A.P is back with another new song entitled “Hurricane”!  I wonder what everyone else thinks of this song, as, once again, it’s a little deviant from B.A.P’s debut material. I will tell you what I think through this blog, but please feel free […]

Dance Covers

Hey all! Since my friends and I have been getting really into the K-pop dance scene again, I thought I’d talk to you all a little about the K-pop dance scene! I’m sure you’ve all seen some flash mobs organized, not only here in Toronto, but also around […]

PSY on the MMVAs

Last night was the MMVAs and, as I’m sure most of you know, PSY did not only perform twice, but he was also the co-host of the show! I’m not Korean, myself, but I felt very proud of PSY for being able to come to an all-English-speaking country, […]

Korean Slang

Hey guys! Today I thought I’d talk to you about Korean slang, commonly used compound words, and pet names/ teasing names you can call your friends! It’s hard to keep up with the world of Korean slang, because it’s constantly changing! Furthermore, the Koreans who travel to Canada, […]

Wolf (늑대와 미녀)

On May 30, 2013 EXO-K and EXO-M released a new comeback song (in both Korean and Chinese, respectively). This song is entitled “Wolf” or “늑대와 미녀”. The Korean version of the music video is the only one I’ve watched (since I speak Korean but not Chinese), and, in […]

Why Korean? Why Canada?

    Hello everyone! This week I decided to talk to a few of my Canadian friends who are learning Korean and a few of my Korean friends who are studying English here in Canada. I asked them six or seven specific questions to try and figure out […]

발음 (Pronunciation)

              Hello everyone. Today I decided I’m going to talk about Korean exchange students and their common pronunciation of English. I will also try to explain, linguistically, why it is they pronounce words as such.               In case you didn’t notice, sometimes it’s hard to understand […]