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Miga Restaurant

For anyone who lives in the Ottawa area, you’ll know that there is a lack of Korean food in the city. One place that does an excellent job of capturing the authenticity of Korean food is a restaurant called, “Miga.” It’s located at 399 Bank Street, across from the […]

Ordering Food in Korea

Ordering food to be delivered is fast and easy, most of the time. In Korea, if you’re able to speak enough Korean to get through to the person on the other end of the line, it’s very easy and convenient. This is my personal opinion of course, and […]

Convenient Korea

Korean cities are the most convenient places I’ve ever been. For the past two years I lived in an area named Bundang in the city of Seongnam. The specific name of my neighbourhood was called Jeongja-dong. It is an upscale area with some of the most expensive apartment […]