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Diane Lee

Bonjour, Je m'appelle Diane Lee, et j'adore parler francais beaucoup!

Trending Sweets in Korea

AH-BOONG (아붕) One of the newest street sweets in Korea, it is a mix of Boong Uh Bbang (붕어빵) with ice cream, hence the name AH-Boong (아붕)  (Ice cream and Boong Uh Bbang. . Boong Uh Bbang is already a very popular street food in South Korea, a […]

Korean Fusion Food

Korean Food meets Western Food. Korean food is known for its delicate spices and its umami-like flavours found in dishes like, Kimchi, and Bulgogi. So when Korean food is cleverly infused with conventional western food, it becomes a unique delectable. Here are some of Korean Fusion Foods worth a try: […]

Restaurant Review: Boom Beer

What’s better than fried chicken? Korean Fried Chicken! If you ever had fried chicken in Korea, you know it tastes nothing like KFC or any other fast-food chains that offer it, here in Canada. There are Korean pubs or restaurants that offer Korean-style chicken, but many times it can […]

Vancouver to Get Its First Cat Café

Get ready to “meow” as Vancouver will soon get its first Cat Café in Fall 2014 Cat Café is not new to Canada as Sudbury, Ontario has already opened up one called, Small Things, (Cats and Books) (click here for more info). However, this will be the first Cat-Friendly […]