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Dora Cruceru

Founder and Editor of A Drop of Indigo

haze-chair wonmin park

It’s All a Haze

I have always been attracted to minimalism in design. For me it was always a form in which the environment was not forced to be something it is not, but instead let free to breathe and accentuate what it is actually important – life. The designs of Wonmin […]

wearable food yeonju sung

Wearable Food

What if instead of eating your salad, you could wear it? Yeonju Sung was willing and able to put this theory to the test and out of this “wild” experiment came wonderful pieces of art. Her Wearable Food series purposely contradicts notions of food and clothes that we […]

chun eunsil illustration

What Dreams are Made of

A loooooooong time ago, when most of my days were spent covered in paint and charcoal, while dreaming of becoming a world known artist, I had one of the best conversations of my life with my then photography teacher.  “At the end of the day, Dora, art is […]



In a culturally rich environment such as Seoul, the rise of a phenomenon specifically dedicated to everything artistic in the city, comes as no surprise. Art&Seoul is a non-periodical magazine that originated through the combined passions of three people that adored beautiful things above all. Marie Tae McDermott, […]

JUNG EE EUN necklace jewelry

One of a Kind

Inspiration is all around us. Knowing how to capture and synthesize it, gives birth to something unique, one of a kind, extraordinary. That is the great lesson JUNG EE EUN has not only learned but perfected, while creating some of the most beautiful jewelry I have ever seen. […]

organic buiding boutique store seoul

What if Your Building Could Breathe?

What if your building could breathe? That was the main question that Minsuk Cho and Kisu Park from Mass Studies wanted to answer when imagining the Ann Demeulemeester  shop in Seoul. The Belgian designer’s uniquely organic  boutique store, integrates living, breathing plants in the walls, thus bringing the meaning and […]

Paris Baguette

I love it when two good things come together and create a third that is equally wonderful. It’s just the case of the power combo between the minimalist Korean design and French pastry, that gave birth to Paris Baguette, in none other than Seoul’s hippest neighborhoods. A place […]

Korean Food Day

“You look fine, hun” said Tudor while I was fidgeting in the rear view mirror checking my lipstick and stubborn hair that completely refused to look anything but puffy. We had arrived half an hour early at the Ambassador’s Residence for the Korea Food Day Event and could […]

Kukje Art Center

Ever since the beginning of my obsession with Sex and the City I have secretly fantasized about working in a cool art gallery just like Charlotte and now that I have discovered the very awesome looking Kukje Art Center in Seoul, my daydreaming can have a palpable background. […]

Paper Muse

I have many things to be thankful for here in Kingston, but a boutique that sells exclusively fashion magazines from around the world, I have not. The owner of the fabulous fashion magazine boutique Paper Muse in Seoul, Sung Kyun, prides herself in creating an inspiring place, that […]

A Window to the Future

I remember watching The Jetsons as a kid and being fascinated by this futuristic world where robots cooked you dinner and cars could fly. It now seems, however, that with technology evolving exponentially around us this world might not be so far away into the future as I […]


The more I spend my time researching Korean culture, the more I find it fascinating how fashion became such a natural and quite essential form of expressing one’s personality on the streets of Seoul. It seems like in the same way we feel that our complicated coffee order […]

illustration by haijin bae

Hajin Bae

I remember sitting through modern art history classes with my friend Tereza, wondering how in the world  a white cube in a white room can compare to Van Gogh  and inevitably asking ourselves if this is all there is now, or if maybe, just maybe we have become […]

Being Fearless

I spend most of my free time digging for the next amazing thing out there (fashion wise that is) and in my quests I come across gazillions of labels, each doing their best to define their own customer base the best they can. You see, most of the […]