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• Creative thinking
• Contagious enthusiasm
• Challenging new things
• Hang out with new people
• Taking negatives and translate them into positives

- 처음보는 사람과 친해지기^^,
- 옳다고 생각하면, 남들이 하지 않는 것 도전하고, 그걸 한다고 해서 주눅들지 않기 (심지어, 다른 사람들에게 권하기!)
-후배들 술 사주며 고민들어주기, 조언하기, 볼링내기하기, 음주스타크래프트!!

Remembrance Day in Canada

<Photo courtesy of CTV Calgary> In November, many Canadians pin on poppies. All public figures and people appearing on television wear them. The use of the poppy was inspired by the World War I poem “In Flanders Fields”. The text of the poem, “In Flanders Fields” as follows: […]