Korea’s Delivery Food Culture

“Do you eat Kimchi?” One of the most iconic Korean foods recognized by people worldwide is Kimchi. In fact, it is a staple food in most Korean households. As Korea makes its presence known in the global stage, Korean foods are becoming increasingly popular. However, unless you visit […]

The Korean Sauna Experience

The last time I returned to Toronto, I had the chance to visit my first Korean sauna, Seoul Zimzilbang, with a friend of mine. Unfortunately photos weren’t allowed inside the sauna – for obvious reasons – but I thought I should share my experience, and offer some more […]

Canadian Warriors of Korean Fire Noodles!

Have you ever watched ‘Fire Noodle Challenge’ videos on Youtube? People from all around the world are crazy about eating Korean spicy chicken noodles even though they can’t stop crying and shaking from the consequence! As a brave and confident chili warrior myself, I honestly cried out loud […]

Introducing Korea to My Peers

I’m currently finishing my final semester of my senior year of high school. The school I attend, Cairine Wilson Secondary, has been making steps towards becoming a more globally aware institution. As a student of the International Certificate Program and of Korean Culture, it wasn’t a surprise when […]

Ma nuit au temple

Si je vous proposais de passer la nuit dans un endroit où vous devez dormir à même le sol, faire la vaisselle après chaque repas, et vous lever à 4 h du matin? C’est pourtant le séjour auquel je me suis inscrite de mon plein gré au temple bouddhiste Hwagyesa!

Mingki, My Lovely Unique Name!

“What’s your name?” “My name is Mingki.” “What? Say again?” “My name is MING-KI.” “What??????”   This conversation happens every time people hear my name especially back in my country South Korea. Yes, my name is Mingki Choi, and I am originally from South Korea. There are two […]