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Art in public space

At the entrance 1 of the Anguk Subway station in Seoul, there is a large tiled wall, each tile lovingly hand-drawn or hand-written by different people. Some are poems, some are sketches, and some are stories – random thoughts placed side-by-side making up the whole wall, thoughts as […]

It Was RaVen.

It wasn’t far from the Inner Harbour but my memory for numbers is the pits; at the exact moment I reached for my iPhone to check Google Maps, a city bus drove by. Lo and behold, on the side of that bus there was an oversized advertisement for […]

illustration by haijin bae

Hajin Bae

I remember sitting through modern art history classes with my friend Tereza, wondering how in the world  a white cube in a white room can compare to Van Gogh  and inevitably asking ourselves if this is all there is now, or if maybe, just maybe we have become […]

Paper face masks: A Korean beauty secret

They are hard to miss. From neighbourhood corner stores to luxury department stores, virtually everywhere you go in Korea you will see mounds of these. On the streets of busy shopping districts like Myongdong, sometimes they are even handed out for free. These are facial masks, or face […]

Why Korean? Why Canada?

    Hello everyone! This week I decided to talk to a few of my Canadian friends who are learning Korean and a few of my Korean friends who are studying English here in Canada. I asked them six or seven specific questions to try and figure out […]

Crash Course in Korean Food

The running joke about novels is that they sometimes get made into a movie version. This is especially true about lengthy novels (think Lord of the Rings trilogy, War and Peace, the Hobbit) or plays that are written in a form of Old English or English that is […]

Calling all social butterflies…

From the office of the Counselor for Cultural and Public Affairs of the Embassy of South Korea: “In commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of Korea-Canada Diplomatic Relations and the 60th Anniversary of the Korean War Armistice, the Embassy of the Republic of Korea and the City of Ottawa […]

KPOP Battle of the Beasts: Shinhwa vs. 2PM

KPOP 2013 Battle of the Beasts: Similarities of Shinhwa & 2PM   Shinhwa’s 11th album: The Classic May 16, two of the most popular boy-groups of our generation made a comeback: Shinhwa, Korea’s longest lasting idol group with member’s average age being 34.5, and 2PM, currently the hottest […]

Surprise Baby Shower!

Recently, my Korean school classmates from our first year class and I held a surprise baby shower for our lovely and now new mommy (congratulations!) Korean teacher. She was our first Korean language teacher and we were her first class of non-Korean students and we have a really […]