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Style High #2: AMBUSH DESIGN

Greetings readers! This week’s edition of “Style High” is focusing on one of the world’s most well-known high-end jewelry and accessories design collectives, the Korean power-couple out of Tokyo, Yoon and Verbal, more commonly known as AMBUSH DESIGN. Started back in 2002, AMBUSH DESIGN has grown into a […]

organic buiding boutique store seoul

What if Your Building Could Breathe?

What if your building could breathe? That was the main question that Minsuk Cho and Kisu Park from Mass Studies wanted to answer when imagining the Ann Demeulemeester  shop in Seoul. The Belgian designer’s uniquely organic  boutique store, integrates living, breathing plants in the walls, thus bringing the meaning and […]

A Story Within The Story: Told by BC

There was a vibrance in the crowd awaiting the start of the sold-out Korean performance arts event aptly named, “A Story of Friendship”. The show would deliver a spectacular and carefully choreographed showcase of Korean talent in Vancouver’s Chan Centre located at the University of British Columbia (UBC). […]

Art in public place 2

If you have visited Vancouver in the past couple of years, you may have seen the 14 laughing bronze men known as A-maze-ing Laughter by the English Bay. In fact, you may have even gotten your picture taken there. The residents and visitors were overjoyed when they learned that […]

Paris Baguette

I love it when two good things come together and create a third that is equally wonderful. It’s just the case of the power combo between the minimalist Korean design and French pastry, that gave birth to Paris Baguette, in none other than Seoul’s hippest neighborhoods. A place […]

Art of Korea: A Search for Utopia

A vagabond, shunned by society and its people, strolls aimlessly in the forest. At the far end of the forest, he sees a small clearing where there is a small peach tree, with its flowers in full bloom, sprinkling the surrounding air in pink confetti. The vagabond approaches […]

Eating flower cakes (Hwajeon)

Spring has sprung With the abundance Of blossoming flowers I think the poet of this poem – Scott Austin is the name – would have loved Hwajeon, a traditional Korean cake made with flowers which captures the romance of the spring blossoms.  I saw them at the Korea Food Day […]

Korean Food Day

The sky was overcast but the weather couldn’t dampen the festive mood. As part of the festivities of Korea Week, the Ambassador hosted Korea Food Day at his residence. The invitation merely indicated a sampling of Korean food, but it really translated into enough food to feed a […]

Korean Food Day

“You look fine, hun” said Tudor while I was fidgeting in the rear view mirror checking my lipstick and stubborn hair that completely refused to look anything but puffy. We had arrived half an hour early at the Ambassador’s Residence for the Korea Food Day Event and could […]