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Dance Covers

Hey all! Since my friends and I have been getting really into the K-pop dance scene again, I thought I’d talk to you all a little about the K-pop dance scene! I’m sure you’ve all seen some flash mobs organized, not only here in Toronto, but also around […]


They are delicious and they are square. They are Korean barley dumplings. While strolling around Seoul’s well-known Namdaemun Market district, it’s easy to spot these vendors of the square dumpling, always manning the grill with great intent. At a glance, the pile-up of brown hued dumplings may not […]

Freshingly Sweet

The blog/website Serious Eats has an entry about artisanal Popsicle in Seoul. I really am proud when Korean talent and their innovative spirit are showcased. Gosh I wish I were in Seoul right now. With temperature hitting 30C and higher, plus humidity, I could use one of those […]

Why Walk for 24 Hours?

Some people do impactful and altruistic deeds without any obvious expectation of benefit. Guy Black is one of these people. On June 22nd Guy completed a 72 kilometre walk in 24 hours in order to bring attention to people and issues he believes deserve more attention. Guy has […]


  Yours truly will be the MC for the Proclamation Ceremony on Wednesday. I hope I don’t flubber, or flounder, or otherwise totally embarrass myself. It’s going to be one legen… wait for it … dary show. So hope to see you there!    

Kukje Art Center

Ever since the beginning of my obsession with Sex and the City I have secretly fantasized about working in a cool art gallery just like Charlotte and now that I have discovered the very awesome looking Kukje Art Center in Seoul, my daydreaming can have a palpable background. […]

Food Truck!

Hey Ottawa! We have a Korean food truck!It may not be the famous Kogi truck, but still authentic Korean food on wheels? Way cool! Come find it on the west side of Bank between Albert & Slater. You can find the schedule here. Does your city have a […]

Art of Korea: Kim Hong-do

The crowd gasps in awe as one of the wrestlers is lifted high up in the air. Dangling with both feet off the ground, he desperately tries to grab onto the shirt of his opponent to stay within the match. “Ah, ah,” whimpers the wrestler as he squeezes […]

Cafes in Seoul 3: Princess Diary

It’s no secret that little girls love poufy princess dresses.  Bows, flowers, frills, ribbons, sequins, whatever the embellishment of her choice is, the usual motto is not “less is more”. Incidentally, if you are a grown up woman living in Seoul, you don’t need to give up playing […]

PSY on the MMVAs

Last night was the MMVAs and, as I’m sure most of you know, PSY did not only perform twice, but he was also the co-host of the show! I’m not Korean, myself, but I felt very proud of PSY for being able to come to an all-English-speaking country, […]

Paper Muse

I have many things to be thankful for here in Kingston, but a boutique that sells exclusively fashion magazines from around the world, I have not. The owner of the fabulous fashion magazine boutique Paper Muse in Seoul, Sung Kyun, prides herself in creating an inspiring place, that […]

Korean Slang

Hey guys! Today I thought I’d talk to you about Korean slang, commonly used compound words, and pet names/ teasing names you can call your friends! It’s hard to keep up with the world of Korean slang, because it’s constantly changing! Furthermore, the Koreans who travel to Canada, […]